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Cocaine Cougar crashes VOD

Cocaine Cougar, the latest in a string of “drug fueled” animal flicks that began with “Cocaine Bear” is now available on Amazon Prime and it arrives on Tubi next week.

The fun flick is Directed by Dustin Ferguson (“Mega Ape”) and follows a deadly Black Cougar high on Cocaine after it escapes a Los Angeles lab. As it begins picking off the locals, the men in charge are too busy snorting lines of their own and enjoying “cougars” of another kind to do anything to stop it. Dawna Lee Heising (“Blade Runner”,Bad President), Jonathan Nation (“The Sixth Sense”) , Tyrone Tann (Starship Troopers ),

Erik Anthony Russo (Hell of the Screaming Undead ),and Rocky DeMarco (“Demolition High”, Murderbot ),star in the film from SoCal Cinema Studios.

Check out both trailers below, and you can also own it on DVD and Blu-Ray at the link.

Purchase Here: https://kunaki.com/msales.asp?PublisherId=155419&pp=1 


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