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Adrian Halen

Horrornews.net is a popular Horror Genre site. HNN is a full featured Horror resource that focuses on News, Upcoming Horror Film Releases, Reviews, Articles, Interviews, Art, Trailers and Industry Features. Adrian Halen is HNN's lead reviewer with over a decade of reviews under his belt HNN is aimed at providing one of the Top resources for the film and book reviews to consumers by covering a large spectrum of Horror titles combined with Cult films, Asian Horror and Extreme Underground Films.

Book Review: Comedy-Horror Films – Author Bruce G. Hallenbeck

COMEDY-HORROR FILMS: A CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY, 1914-2008 (PAPERBACK) Written by Bruce G. Hallenbeck Published by Mcfarland Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black /White – 255 pages Price: $39.95 If you’ve spent some time collecting, reading or purchasing the vast variety of horror film books, you already know that to some extent certain aspects have been oversaturated. Take for instance, zombie film books …

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Book Review: Autopsyrotica: Artwork – Author Chad Michael Ward

AUTOPSYROTICA Artwork by Chad Michael Ward Written by Chad Michael Ward Edited by Travis Anderson & Jenn Stetson Published by NBM Publishing Publication Date: 2006 Format: Full Color / Duotone, 80 pages Price: $17.95 The 2nd art visual offering from artists/ photographer Chad Michael Ward is an intriguing collection indeed. First the odd name which I translate into Erotic photography …

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Book Review: Black Rust: Artwork – Author Chad Michael Ward

BLACK RUST Artwork by Chad Michael Ward Written by Chad Michael Ward Published by NBM Publishing Publication Date: 2003 Format: Full Color 96 pages Price: $19.95 A fine collection of dark visual tales, experimentation and continuity. Chad Michael Ward’s first book and my particular favorite of his 3. As each release slightly differs in themes and approaches, it was this …

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Chain Letter: new 1 sheet

I was wondering what happened to this film, looks like it might be doing a theatre showing?? Six friends receive a mysterious chain letter via text messaging and in their email accounts from a maniac who’s hunting down teenagers who fail to forward his online chain letter. Who knew they should take the threats in the chain letter seriously? Or …

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Film Review: Children of the Grave (2007)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Look dead into the eye of fear to unearth the shocking existence of ghost children! Examine real paranormal case files while exploring haunted orphanages and asylums. Uncover the dark shadows from untold stories of unmarked graves. Journey to Zombie Road and investigate the invasion of shadow children. Ghost hunt in Pythian Castle’s black mass of pain …

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