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Film Review: Negative Image (2011) (Short Film)


Winner of Best Short at Shriekfest 2011. Negative Image tells the story of a paranormal journalist who is determined to capture an entity on film in order to regain the front page of his magazine


As we are told, the only “true” photographs are those which originate from negatives, everything else is a “lie”. This subtle narrative makes it a point to mention the authenticity of real photos over digital manipulations in this latest short by Darkline.

David, a young photographer enjoys his work. Though he becomes disappointed when a call comes over announcing that his work didn’t make the cover of “Paranormal Times” this month.

David grabs his camera and heads for a nearby building that seems to possess the right amount of eeriness needed for a cover shot. One that would make great for a few worthy, but haunting shots. When the photos begin to reveal a bit more than expected, David becomes obsessed with the results spending every moment processing images. The images begin to reveal a presence that sets the mood for this scary piece.

“Negative Image” succeeds in being really creepy with a cool ghostly twist that uses the elements of tension, framing and story telling to achieve its result. It’s those little details that begin to emerge that almost tips the hat to the Asian method of doing things in horror. Even in its short time frame, “Negative Image” does exactly what it intends, sending a chilling message of dark entities that resides just out of your normal viewing range. A brilliant little slice of horror.

Negative Image from darkline on Vimeo.

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