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Gravebit: A New Series by John Johnson


John Johnson has been making movies since the early 2000s. Known for his work on the “Skeleton Key” series and the “Plan 9” remake, he has also created a bunch of web series. “Spade,” “Spooky Tales From The Dark”, “Bath Salts”, “House on the Hill”, and now “Gravebit”.

From his press release:John Johnson and Darkstone Entertainment of PLAN 9 Infamy just released their new vampire web series GRAVEBIT.


It is a vampire story that is a love letter to the Hammer Horror films as well as using vampire lore that predates DRACULA. As in vampires do not need to be invited in, and vampires cannot make other vampires, etc.

Gravebit 2

“I thought it would be fun to take the historical notions on vampires and put them in a modern setting with a Hammer Horror taste.” – John Johnson

They have planned on a 10 episode season with an episode airing every 15th of the month on the Spooky Tales Youtube channel found here (www.youtube.com/user/scarystoriesseries)

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