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Film Review: Cadavericon (short film) (2002)


“Cadavericon” (besides wearing a title that leaves little to the imagination as to what the film is about) is a short black & white piece created as part of Marian Dora’s short film collective for 2002. The piece could easily be mistaken for a documentary film that demonstrates the procedure morticians go thru to prep a body for funeral service.

A recent corpse lays naked upon a table as he is lifted, washed, dressed, and puppeted around by 2 mortuary clerks. The man without name lays motionless (with mouth bandaged shut) as he is prepped for funeral delivery to a church service in process. The short film is designed to make a statement about the somberness of death (even including a small gotcha moment for kicks). “Cadavericon” is macabre in nature.

Cadavericon-short-film-2002-Marian-Dora-(2) Cadavericon-short-film-2002-Marian-Dora-(1)

There is not alot of say about this piece other than filmmaker Marian Dora seems to have a obsession about death and the macabre. A few of the angles used give the piece a touch of experimental treatment though beyond that its a pretty boring piece. I’m also guessing that the body used may have been an actual corpse over just an actor playing the role which makes the film that much more of a disturbing vision.

This re-occurring theme is explored in other films by Dora taking matters even darker than the next.

Cadavericon-short-film-2002-Marian-Dora-(5) Cadavericon-short-film-2002-Marian-Dora-(3)

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