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Film Review: Caribbean Sunrise (short film) (2002)

“Caribbean Sunrise” is a 3 minute short by Marian Dora created in 2002. The piece as a standalone doesn’t offer very much but where it does is in its subtle migration from travel video to death scene.

Opening on a scene of a Caribbean paradise showing sunsets, palm tress, and warm winded ocean scenes one might think that they’ve stumbled upon a travel advertisement. In fact I tend to believe the piece was set up a perverse joke for viewers who were looking for scenery footage prior to taking a vacation.


The end of the piece ends as we meander past some lovely palm tree only to reveal the results of a death scene. It appears a women was raped and left for dead impacting our calm viewing with images of the blood trial remnants leaking down her leg. The body now cold and lifeless lays at it was left quickly impacting our tranquil experience with the afterthought of another.

This is Dora’s cruel joke, to shatter something beautiful with perverse ugliness

Caribbean-Sunrise-short-film-2002-Marian-Dora-(2) Caribbean-Sunrise-short-film-2002-Marian-Dora-(1) Caribbean-Sunrise-short-film-2002-Marian-Dora-(4) Caribbean-Sunrise-short-film-2002-Marian-Dora-(3)

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