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DJ Perry’s International DARKEST NIGHT Film Releases in GERMANY!

American actor DJ Perry has had dozens of films released into the various world markets but recently his first Collective Development Inc.  international co-production “Darkest Night” announced it is releasing into Germany, Austria and Switzerland on March 28th, 2014.
“My films have been releasing into Germany since my first feature ‘In the Woods’ in the 90’s and I appreciate their continued appetite for my films.”  – DJ Perry

One of the titles that DJ Perry starred in was the intensely violent and scary “The 8th Plague”. It made a strong enough splash in Germany that a deal is already in place to license the sequel “Soul Eater” which plans to shoot late in 2014. This year has also seen DJ’s Civil War drama “Wicked Spring” make its first appearance into the Germany market followed by the thriller “Locked in a Room” and now “Darkest Night”.
Domestically in the USA/Canada, “Darkest Night,” a found footage movie, is being released by Braindamage Films. They recently had it picked up by the vastly popular HULU PLUS on their Video on Demand line up. The script was written and produced by gothic novelist Russ Williams who was living in Malaysia at the time. The film was actually filmed in the Philippines with Noel Tan directing. Russ Williams has recently moved back to the USA bringing is Gothic Pictures International with him. A second collaborative project between GPI/CDI is currently in development.
“I was a fan of DJ Perry from his work on ‘The 8th Plague’ and it was a great opportunity for a enjoyable collaboration.” – Russ Williams
“Darkest Night” is being represented for licensing by CDI Distribution. It is a branch of Collective Development Inc. that handles licensing of CDI and CDI associated films to the foreign marketplace.  The artists from the Philippines should be very proud that this film that was released in the United States versus being turned into a remake usually with a western cast. This happens much too often and star/producer DJ Perry fought very hard to get this released in the USA with the All-Asian cast save himself.
“It’s about time the Asians and Asian-Americans are respected as a growing minority in politics and art in the USA. They are also a creative force to be respected as artists on both sides of the camera.” – DJ Perry
CDI Distribution is looking for companies to license the rights to including the Philippines where it was shot. Anyone interested in purchasing the license rights can contact DJ Perry directly at perrydj@aol.com

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