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Christmas Gone Wrong in new DARKEST NIGHT

International actor DJ Perry had his humble start in the Great Lake state of Michigan. His early films “In the Woods,” “From Venus,” “Knight Chills” (All shot in Michigan) were low budget horror fare that occasionally brought some mixed reviews but at the same time critics seemed to embrace him as a leading man despite budget flaws in the productions themselves. His career has spanned 17 years and he has performed and produced on a slew (Pun intended) of films in various genres. He is known for a powerful intensity on-screen and his ability to create memorable characters. These traits combined with his ability to walk freely between genres has become his trademark. A decade ago DJ started trying to bridge with international filmmakers from around the world. With the invention and application of the Internet the world market has truly become a small world after all. In days past you had different stars from different countries but the future will likely favor actors known to an international audience.

One of these recent international films was Russ William’s “Darkest Night” (USA, July 24th release). The film is a unique horror film that places DJ Perry smack dab in the middle of a mostly all Philippine cast/crew. He shot the entire film in the Philippines and also returned for a 2-week press junket with their national media. The story is about a Christmas gathering that goes horribly wrong. The official release of the poster and trailer signals the start of pre-sales on most all major rental/retail sites.


“I see it like Michael Douglas in ‘Black Rain’ featuring Japan (location/talent) – western audiences may embrace a new exotic film experience given a relatable western lead.” – DJ Perry

The power of Asian horror film making is nothing new but often these films are remade in the USA with an all American cast. In www.darkestnightmovie.com this pitfall is avoided with DJ Perry playing a “John Saxon” like role anchoring himself as the American in this Noel Tan directed piece. DJ has quickly become one of these sought after actors to add to foreign cast line ups. DJ is in talks on several more of these international films. He recently dropped word that he is in talks on films shooting in France, UK, India and Asia. Domestically he is slated to co-star with Gabrielle Stone and Jessica Cameron in “The Beast” by writer/producer Russ Williams. He is also in talks on re-teaming with “Locked in a Room” director Larry Simmons on a filmcalled “Panic in 703”. Lastly he reported that he is in talks to possible appear in director Michael Anton’s Tesla film entitled “The Mad Scientist”.

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