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Director Scott Derrickson made quite the splash with SINISTER. It seems to have found a little larger following now that it’s airing on cable. I know I’ve watched it a few more times just because I was channel surfing and it happened to pop up. It’s an effective creepy little flick and I’m looking forward to what Derrickson has up his sleeve next.

His next project was originally titled BEWARE THE NIGHT but it now goes by DELIVER US FROM EVIL. Not only has the title changed but so has the release date. At first a first quarter of 2015 was bantered around but SONY is so hot on what they’ve got the opening date has been moved all the way to July 2nd, 2014. Yep, major summer release over the July 4th holiday!!

With the release date being moved so close you know what that means. Time to start the PR machine and as such today brought the first still from the flick.


The film stars Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, Joel McHale, Olivia Munn and Sean Harris and reportedly tells the tale of a cop who teams up with a renegade priest to defeat an evil demonic force. Hey, sounds bitchin to me…

We’ll be talking about this one a lot in the new year so hang around and stay informed!!

Source: STYD

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