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Film Review: Mas Carnaza (1997)


Short extreme film directed by Sergio Blasco about a jealous disgruntled ex boyfriend


This 45 minute splatter film directed by Sergio Blasco ranks more interest for its racy cover than for the film experience itself. Spanish spoken and without subtitles, I was hoping that its visuals might carry the story a bit more than it ended up delivering. Though if you find yourself nodding off during a gore film such as I did, it is a good sign that there is not much to keep one’s interest. I went ahead and rounded up the pieces so that I could give it a proper review and explanation.


The film opens up on a psychiatrist who receives word that Manolo, a former patient psychopath, has escaped from prison. Upon following a young woman home, Manolo forces his way into her apartment, slices her fingers off and stabs her death. The finger bit works the best in this case, with some decent slasher stabs finishing the job. We discover that the killer is seeking out his ex girlfriend who is in a relationship with another. The girl he just killed is a former roommate.

Flip to Manolo’s ex who is entertaining a close friend with “quite” a sexy strip tease performance. If there is anything to takeaway from this film, it is this one sexy showcase that quickly comes and goes before getting back to the needless gore and violence. If you guessed what comes next, then your not only astute but you can already sense that the scenes move from one to the other without much build. The sexy young lady gets tied, tortured and then killed, but not before she has to watch her lover get gutted and burned to death. I don’t think I spoiling things too much by mentioning that she gets one of her assets removed as a souvenir for a former scorned lover.


If you’ve made it this far then what comes next is a good reason to fast forward to the credits. An escape, a getaway, a car high jacking and a few police officers looking confused wraps up this snooze fest. No really….thats it!


“Mas Carnaza” just squeaks under the radar as a legit extreme horror film. When most of what you’ve just seen seems easy enough to stage and execute yourself, then it is probably not worth the fee to acquire it. I wish there was more here to talk about, but in the end your really signing up for 2 kills scenes and a bunch of fillers in between. This is probably why this films is really only available per rare bootleg sites, as it would pull in much cash as a one to feature.


Director Sergio Blasco is responsible for 2 other releases which also are mentioned here and there in “extreme” forums, the short film “Burrp!” (promoted per the T-shirt the first kill is wearing) and the TV movie “Belcebu'” (Neither of which I’ve seen yet). I had first wondered why “Mas Carnaza” was missing from the IMDB profile, however it makes alot of sense now. If you can find this one, and you HAVE to see it, remember that beyond the cheesy violence is a really sexy interlude performance.

Mas Carnaza (1997)


  1. where did you buy this movie??


    • hard to say – was quite some time ago

      may have been thru publisher, or bootleg floating around
      (note review was re-published though was reviewed a few years ago)


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