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Vamps: Bianca Barnett


Actress and model Bianca Barnett was born Bianca Evans on the 26 August 1981 in Garland, Texas. During her childhood her parents owned a successful model kit company, Lunar Models, through which she first developed an interest in fantasy, science fiction and horror. Her thirst for film making was also fueled by her father’s video camera, with which Bianca would create and star in her own no-budget amateur movies. This led to an interest in cinema, which prompted the wannabe director to enroll in college but, after realizing that her true passion was in front of the camera, dropped out of film school and moved to Los Angeles. After various modeling opportunities came along, Bianca started her first website, ‘The Perils of Rock and Roll Decadence,’ which quickly gathered a cult following, along with her second site, ‘Bianca’s Boudoir,’ which demonstrated her love with the 1920’s.

Her first acting work came from several collaborations with Silent Ghost Cinema, which resulted in various bizarre short films with fellow struggling actress Ophidia Blackwood, including ‘The Broken Doll Meets Sad Sue’ and ‘The Devil is Always Good for a Drink.’ This led to appearances in various music videos, most notably The Rocketz’s raunchy promo ‘Killing,’ in which Bianca would be credited as a ‘Vampy Burlesque Girl. Bianca’s transition into feature films came from a meeting with independent filmmaker and fellow Texas native, Ramzi Abed, who cast her in the small but crucial role of a corpse in his Black Dahlia feature ‘The Devil’s Muse’. This film not only changed her professional life, but was a pivotal point in her personal life and put her off her path of personal self-destruction.

It was during the making of this movie that the young actress would meet FX artist Jason Barnett , who would not only become her partner but also collaborator on various projects, most notably ‘Albino Farm,’ a creature feature that saw Bianca portray the main antagonist, Pig Bitch. The role required extensive use of prosthetics, something that Bianca had grown accustomed to from her previous work in horror films. She would once again team up with Abed for another movie, ‘In a Spiral State’ portraying the drug addled model, Marlena, as well as a small role in Kevin Carraway’s ‘Fear Chamber’. Bianca and Jason Barnett would once again collaborate on the short film ‘Bunny Time Cupcakes’ for Chiller TV’s ‘Dare 2 Direct 2’ competition, which saw the actress in the dual roles of the curious Lulu and the evil Demon.

Bianca Barnett has several projects in the works, including ‘Terror 66’ (directed by Bobby Blood, drummer of metal band, MERAUDER), ‘Amphibimortis’ (another Barnett & Barnett collaboration, with Jason once again behind the camera) and ‘Blood de Madam: The Fallen Ones,’ which sees legendary horror director Herschell Gordon Lewis (‘Blood Feast’) once again terrifying audiences, which will co-star such scream queens as Felissa (‘Sleepaway Camp’) Rose and Troma regular Debbie Rochon. View samples of Bianca’s modelling work and more at


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Bianca Barnett - Actress

Bianca Barnett – Actress | Scream Queen | Horror Vamp

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