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Film Review: Albino Farm (2009)

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Four animated college friends doing research for a school project find themselves a part of the legend they’re seeking to unravel when car troubles render them lost in uncharted Ozark Territory where a secret and sadistic society of the deformed awaits them. Through their enduring quest for survival, the eerie curtain covering a real-life American legend is lifted, and a past almost as disturbing as its present is uncovered in “Albino Farm.”


As formula’s go, all the common elements are in place on this one, a mysterious violent intro, a roadtrip, 4 young adults, an old town, a legend and a town full of strangers that deny any weirdness going on. Let’s not forget what I call the “Scooby Doo”. This is an actor who warns them per pit stop to turn around. We’ve seen it in “House of 1000 Corpses”, “Wrong Turn”, “Hills have Eyes”, “Dying Breed”
and quite few others.

We also follow similar suite to the film “House of Wax” where a bunch of travelers come upon a town of dread, per broken down car or flat of some sort.

Now that we recognize the formula we can get into the presentation of it all. The actors are likable, have a weird sort of chemistry and bicker the same way all traveling teens do. I think we got a winner. Their purpose is per a research expedition but that’s only secondary to the fact that they are out in “stay away” country.

Enter the town of Shiloh, where the travelers embark on finding out what the hushed hubbub of an area called Albino Farm is for research, fun or just curiosity. Something about that curious human nature in us all is to much to ignore. When finding a religious community they come across a revival and also heed to take warning from a church goer who denies the existence of such place. I suppose it’s the denying that urks them on to do some site seeing. Our 4 main characters come in the way of Stacey (Tammin Sursok), Brian (Nick Richey), Sanjay (Sunkrish Bala) and Melody (Alicia Lagano)

Well look and you shall find is the motto here as they approach some locals who offer to disclose the location for $20 and titty peek. Fair enough, they got to make a living right? The film moves as expected in the inevitable curiosity killed the cat direction of finding the Albino Farm and delving into arenas they shouldn’t. What awaits on the other side of the fence doesn’t play by the same rules as the society they came from and a whole mess of trouble awaits.

The creatures themselves are greatly enhanced with excellent FX work that’s credited to a mess of talent. In reviewing the credits we get to meet some rather unusual looking beasts that go by the names of “Pig Bitch”, “Smash Face”, “Big Eye”, “Split Lip”, Bird Girl” and “Pin Head”…wait..what the ? Ok, maybe not the Doug Bradley version but I guess they needed a quick profile name. My biggest complaint at this point is all the intense scenes are filmed at night or in caves, so there was alot of sections that I heard plenty stuff going on but couldn’t see. Viewers may have to bump up there brightness channel on this one.

Directors and writers Joe Anderson and Sean McEwen have done there homework as film makers. By taking the best elements of these type of films they have created a piece that fits nicely and will stand above many of the rest. The anticipation of what awaits is present and the build up is nicely done in a reveal-as-you-go manner. These are the elements to keep your audience entranced.

special mention goes out to one of our horrornews.net Vamps Bianca Barnett who plays the role of pig bitch. Never was it more apparent that you can turn beauty into beast when you see the pretty shocking makeup job she gets attached to. The film ends on a clever note, so it gets points for that. Also points for cool creatures.

Final note I know many will simply see the formula and write this one off as a clone of sorts however the case may be it still provides a nice combination of thrills. Recent film “Plague Town” draws similar comparisons. I predict this will do well as a rental as it hits the norm of material Blockbuster renters expect.

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