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Interview: Bianca Barnett (Albino Farm, In a Spiral State)

MJ: It’s been 6 months since HorrorNews talked with you last and it looks like things have been happening fast since then. The “Albino Farm” DVD has been released by MTI Home Video and the website was recently launched www.albinofarmthemovie.com and then another movie, “In a Spiral State”, has been picked up by Halo 8. It sounds like things are going well.

BB: Yes, both films will be released September ’09. I also have a tiny part in a film called “Fear Chamber“, a brief interview in “Women of Horror“, and a cameo in a trailer dvd called “New Face of Fear”.

MJ: Last time, we talked a bit about your transformation into Pig Bitch in “Albino Farm” , but now it light of the CDC’s raising the alart level to “5” , can I ask if the character Pig Bitch had anything to do with this Swine Flu outbreak ?

BB: Definitely! Isn’t she a swine? I know she didn’t cover her mouth when she hacked.

MJ: I’ve always been entertained by Chris Jericho both in pro wrestling and in his band FOZZY. How was it working with Chris Jericiho?

BB: He was a very nice guy, treated his fans well and took the role seriously. He’s a huge fan of horror, so that is a plus!

MJ: I was on your website, www.biancabarnett.com and I see you are selling Bianca Barnett Terror Trading Cards. Cool idea… How did that come about ?

BB: I was contacted by a company that created horror trading cards. They are so beautiful, printed on both sides, and extremely well made. I hope everyone will stop by and pick up both autographed cards! http://biancabarnett.com/blog/?page_id=79

MJ: Tell us about your role in the movie, “In a Spiral State” ?

BB: I’m a model named Marlena with a drug addiction that spirals out of control. I can’t give away much more, it will spoil the mystery.

MJ: Do you have a favorite scene from that movie ?

BB: Director, Ramzi Abed, always lets us improv our lines in the film which proves to be a lot of fun! I had just finished working on The Rocketz “KILLING” video the day before, so I definitely looked a big worn out. It worked well for Marlena.

MJ: I always like to ask this questions, and sometimes it’s hit or miss, but do you have any interesting behind the scene stories from “In a Spiral State” ?

BB: A night scene was shot outside in an apartment complex on a set of stairs. I had to lie motionless on the ground while Ramzi filmed from the top of the stairs, unseen. A man came by and was extremely concered and asked – “Ma’am, are you okay??!!” That must have scared him, but at least I played dead convincingly!

MJ: When we talked last, I think you were just starting to film “Terror 66” . How was Bobby Blood as a director ?

BB: Bobby is a great guy and was patient with me because I was going through something very difficult at the beginning of the year.

MJ: What kind of music do you listen to for inspiration ?

BB: I suppose it depends on the scene or situation. I love film soundtracks, musical scores, ambient music, and Goldfrapp!

MJ: I’ve seen you on YOUTUBE answering fan questions. Tell me about that.

BB: I was inspired by Sean from “The Don & Murph Show” (which you should check out as he gives the best DVD reviews! I created my own “Channel Bianca” which will be updated more frequently once I have a break from school. www.youtube.com/channelbianca

MJ: What does the future hold for Bianca Barnett ?

BB: Hopefully a successful career as a character actress and horror princess. :)

MJ: And a HorrorNews Horror Vamp! Hope to chat with you in enough 6 months !!!!

BB: Let’s try to make it sooner, shall we? :D

Interview: Bianca Barnett (Albino Farm, In a Spiral State)

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