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Home | Film Review: Le Sang Du Chatiment (short film) (2005)

Film Review: Le Sang Du Chatiment (short film) (2005)


From the depths of the Argentine forest, striking in the heart of the city, death is on the prowl…leaving its victims bloodless! A real nightmare, especially for the forensic in charge, more and more concerned by the murders, up to the point to relive them as hallucinatory flashbacks…His own demons waiting, ready to spill the blood of retribution.


When a local stripper is found dead after an evening session, a forensic doctor by the name of Batista arrives to solve the case. As he investigates the corpse and discovers that snake venom was used to immobilize the body (for other means), he soon has to come to terms with who he is and why a sudden infliction of reoccurring nightmare visions have been haunting him. The story is kept minimal with some great makeup work towards the end wrapping up this short, but effective little piece from the studio Metaluna Productions

This 20 minute Argentinian short film by Fabrice Lambot provides a gruesome Hellraiser-like introduction into the subject of pain, bad intentions and what awaits for those who cross the lines. Batista is played as a classic split personality who must come to terms with his past. Blood and gore are also kept minimal making this a consumer safe piece. Le Sang Du Chatiment feels like a prologue into a much longer piece…perhaps, we’ll see?

Le Sang Du Chatiment (short film) (2005)

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