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THE WALKING DEAD S3 Blu-ray Set Gets Elaborate Collectors Case

How many of you picked up that awesome Season Two blu-ray set of THE WALKING DEAD last year. The zombie head with the screwdriver in the eye? Yeah, me neither. Maybe this year we’ll be able to get our hands on the Season Three set which features (as far as I am concerned) the most elaborate collectors case ever constructed. Get a load of this:

So, what we have here are actual water filled chambers with little severed heads floating around. How freaking cool is that!!

MTV GEEK got the lowdown on the who, what and why of this set and instead of regurgitating it all here just click on over and get the whole story behind the set. McFarlane Toys are the one responsible for all the coolness. I mean, this thing even lights up.


No word on price or when it will be available but I’m thinking the answers are “a lot” and “soon” are the answers. The second half of Season three kicks off this Sunday so we should expect word on the box set as the season winds down.

Regardless of price or availability it is definitely a kick ass idea that is sure to sell out quickly.

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