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Cast And Crew Discuss What Lies Ahead On THE WALKING DEAD


Last night brought to an end what has turned out to be a very polarizing season for THE WALKING DEAD. Lots and I do mean LOTS of bitching on line but how things progressed and ultimately climaxed this season but overall the series seems no worse for the wear, still pulling in fantastic numbers for AMC and still enthralling a huge fan base world wide.

While far from perfect and certainly way off base from the season’s best hour which was a few episodes back with Carol and the little girls, the finale offered up its fair share of craziness and while a few questions were not just not answered but basically overlooked, I have to give the finale an overall “thumbs up” on my end.

So, we once again find ourselves facing a summer of zombieless TV viewing all the while pondering what might become of our hearty zombie slayers. AMC released a new video today where the cast and crew dish their thoughts on things.

Be warned, there are spoilers so if you have yet to watch the finale – stop now and some back later. If like most of the rest of the world you know the situation our friends are in – proceed! If you arrive, you survive.


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