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Book Review: Harry Potter Poster Collection – Author Warner Bros. Entertainment

Harry Potter Poster Collection: The Definitive Movie Posters [Paperback] Harry Potter Poster Collection: The Quintessential Images [Paperback]

This book review actually combines 2 releases under the same branding of the “Harry Potter Poster Collection”. The 2 releases are identical in size, type, and usage appropriately named “The Definitive Movie Posters” and “The Quintessential Images“.

While they do resemble books, I feel better in classifying them simply as quality “picture books”. As each contains 12×16 sized pages that can be extracted, mounted, framed or hung “as is” (whatever you choose) for wall display. The books serve a dual purpose in that they can be left as they are to enjoy the most compelling images and posters from the Harry Potter franchise or extracted for hanging. If you decide to go with the hanging route, you should note that each is doubled sided (images on both sides), so you’ll have to select your favorite of the 2.

Each edition is published under Insight Editions as high quality prints that (as often mentioned) “no Potter fan will be disappointed with”. The books can be left as they are presented if you want to flip thru the imagery (but you’ll probably have to lay them sideways with the huge 12×16 formatting).

The fun here is that you get all the “best of” poster releases under one roof. Of which I must note is a very impressive display of Potter art and photography presented over the years.

The books cover the entire film series, so that you get a highlight piece from each. The face-only multi-displays that were marketed during the campaign are grouped into 2 pages with more elaborate pieces taking on full pages. “Definitive Movie Posters” covers 40 display pieces (some being International). Each of the “beloved” characters get a highlight piece to go along with the ensemble issued posters.

“Quintessential Images” also gathers 40 display pieces of the Harry Potter franchise focusing on the iconic film characters from the series.

As a whole, these 2 books are meant for visual appreciation, leaving more text-based offerings to other editions out there. If you consider yourself a big fan of the franchise, then this is a great collection of imagery to have. My first thought after browsing thru all the images was “why can’t Silent Hill” get one of these made? …haha

But on a more serious note, the books are beautifully printed and bound making for a great gift, especially to younger fans. Hey, if your child has been asking about decorating his room in HP posters, then you’ve got just what you need to make it a fan’s dream come true.

Book Review: Harry Potter Poster Collection – Author Warner Bros. Entertainment

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