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Comic Review: Hotwire – TPB


Writer: Steven Pugh
Creator: Warren Ellis
Publisher: Radical Publishing
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Color – 136 pages
Price: $14.95

For creators Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh, this series is a labor of love. This shows in the fine detail artwork lush in perspective, grandiose creatures and one hot little lady named Hotwire. She rides a motorcycle, plays by the rules and is considered an exorcist detective. At curren,t a ghost entity called the “blue lights” are all over town. We are in a phase where the dead have merged with the living on a spectral plane. Most of them keep to themselves, but a few have gone rogue causing trouble and threatening lives. It’s a bit of a miss mass of spirits on the loose, and Hotwire seems to be the gal who’s an expert in this area. Working with the local police she is mostly left alone to practive her craft..after all, this is no ordinary situation or type of thing most would even want to deal with.

This world is what I’d consider in its own universe. Dead folks walk occasionally, spirits possess others on command and the city keeps some mechanical aids running called conductors that seem to keep most of this under control. A few angry spiritual are revolting in all sort of manifestations.

Hotwire is busier than ever with her tasks, fighting these things off in various shapes, sizes and forms. The local enforcements are equipped with fancy weapons which only seem to get in way at times. Hotwire reveals her childhood brought up among scientists and educators. Flashbacks thru out paint her un-normal childhood and her reason for being nothing short of a genius. Special weapons, special gear…she seems like this supernatural battle has become just another part of the job, but she does do it well.

The TPV collects issues 1-4, and includes all the variant covers used. The final section of the book is a small introduction early comic that was used before landing the series. We are explained more about the character by the authors and her change of appearance and clothes over the duration of progression. The story itself is a bit heavier in terms of content.

The content being at times maybe too out there to grasp all that’s going on. I had to re-read some sections to get a better feel for there world and terms used. What really sells this book is the phenomenal artwork that features apparitional creatures that leap off the pages in some pretty elaborate illustrations. A nice use of blue helps accent these pieces and is part to put down with all this coming at you. This is a fine read for more scifi philosophical minds, though if that throws you off course it sure is pretty to look at.

If you would like to know more about or purchase a copy please go to http://www.radicalcomics.com

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