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Zombie Crawl in the Monroeville Mall

June date set for Zombie Crawl in the Monroeville Mall

The zombies are returning to the Monroeville Mall! After nearly 3 years of remaining zombie free, a new zombie walk is coming to the Pittsburgh area shopping mall on June 24th, 2012. “The Zombie Crawl in the Monroeville Mall” is being organized by Monroeville Zombies, the zombie themed museum and tourist attraction located in the mall. As a growing popular trend across the world, zombie walks have their roots in this mall, being the host location of several past zombie walks dating back to 2006 and breaking multiple Guinness World Records. The Monroeville Mall was the film set location of the landmark 1978 zombie horror film, “George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead” and that role in pop-culture history has deemed it to be the mecca of zombies.

The event will benefit two charities. Organizers will be collecting non-perishable food items from participants for donation to The Greater Pittsburgh Area Food Bank. Fund raising efforts will also be present to benefit FixtheChapel.com, a group dedicated to restoring the chapel building in the Pittsburgh area Evans City Cemetery seen in the 1968 zombie film classic, “Night of the Living Dead”, the first in the Romero zombie film series.

Participants in the all new Zombie Crawl will register in the Monroeville Zombies museum, now located inside the Funhouse Arcade in the lower level at Macy’s court. The regional attraction has recently moved to this larger location which allows more space for zombie exhibits and events. Registration and line-up begins at 10AM on June 24. The crawl will begin at 10:30 AM and will follow with games, exhibits and activities inside the Funhouse Arcade space. A zombie themed talent contest for those who can do a bit more than crawl will take place at 2:00PM. Festivities will be hosted by the cast of “The It’s Alive Show”, who also sponsored the event along with Screaming Brain Studio and Funhouse Arcade.

“This mall was an important place in their lives,” says Monroeville Zombies President Kevin Kriess. “It’s a line from the movie, but it also describes how Pittsburgh zombie fans feel about returning here for zombie walks and such. It’s the reason our attraction and events are hosted here, to take local pride and celebrate Pittsburgh and Monroeville’s place in pop-culture history.”

About Monroeville Zombies:
Monroeville Zombies is a tourist attraction, with a museum and a gift shop, celebrating Zombies in Pop-Culture. Located in the historic Monroeville Mall in Monroeville, PA, location of the original film, George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead , the themed attraction takes fans through a visual history of zombies in cinema. Displays of props and memorabilia are woven into a presentation featuring interactive experiences and zombie gift shopping. For more information, visit www.monroevillezombies.com

About The It’s Alive Show:
The It’s Alive Show is a television show produced in the same format as the highly successful Pittsburgh favorite Chiller Theater. Classic horror movies are presented by a talented cast performing comedy and live music. The show is aired Saturday nights at 10:00 PM on WBGN-TV, a local station reaching over one million households. Movie selection and show content appeal to a wide demographic. The show’s web site is www.theitsaliveshow.com

About Fix the Chapel:
Fix the Evans City Cemetery Chapel is a fund raising group dedicated to renovating the chapel building in the Evans City Cemetery seen in the 1968 film, “Night of the Living Dead”. For more information, visit www.fixthechapel.com and www.facebook.com/groups/savethechapel


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