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Home | Film Review: Slash-in-The-Box (short fim) (2011)

Film Review: Slash-in-The-Box (short fim) (2011)



When Adam brings home an antique jack-in-the-box for his wife, pop goes the evil.


I love a good surprise. “Slash-in-the-Box”, a short film by Nick Everhart is a great example of what a short film “should” be. It’s got tension, intelligent moody music and a perfect mix of illustrating edginess thru props and circumstance.

When a couple purchases an antique Jack-in-the-Box, they didn’t expect “it” to have a purpose. Sometimes old things are better left unfound, as in this case, this “particular” toy appears to be a threshold into evil.

The toy sits quietly on the kitchen table where it was left, while in the darkness things begin to change. A few curious noises, a toy that can wind itself, and a slice of supernatural events to bring it all home. As the husband is awoken to the sounds of thumping, a near miss accident pulls the viewers ever closer that things are just not right.

He approaches the old box that sits solemnly in the kitchen…that is until his attention is overtaken by the box’s true intentions.

Soon after, the wife awakes to investigate. Suspense is again heightened by the usage of clever horror staples that are brought into this short time span. She didn’t expect what she finds.

Clever, nice FX work, and overall effective, Slash-in-the-Box is a just a cool little piece. I’m gonna have to turn your attention to this short that embraces its love for the genre. If ever invited into an anthology, this would be the piece to have on it.

Slash-in-the-Box (short fim) (2011)

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