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Horror Tradition finds root in ‘The Eve’ with homage

As eBass Entertainment readies to premiere its feature-length horror-thriller film The Eve, the creators are paying tribute to the genre’s most iconic films with a special movie-poster homage. “Just as our film gives a nod to several classic thrillers, we wanted this art series to hint at The Eve’s roots in the horror tradition as well as its categorical twist,” says screenwriter and producer Evan Bass.

Fans of “Friday the 13th,” “Poltergeist,” and “The Evil Dead” will recognize signature artwork from those films’ respective posters, each given a fresh interpretation by a group of talented contributing designers as well as the cast of The Eve. Bass hopes the five homage posters — to be revealed one at a time through the end of the year (followed by the official movie poster for The Eve) — will incite anticipation for the film.

A throwback to films of the Hitchcock era, The Eve centers on three long-time, 20-something friends whose relationships have begun to unravel, in addition to one of their girlfriends, who head to Martha’s Vineyard for a New Year’s getaway in an effort to reconnect. That endeavor is quickly abandoned, however, when they discover a serial killer is preying on the island’s few off-season inhabitants. In the killer’s crosshairs, the foursome’s underlying tensions escalate into conflict and terror reverberates as they fight to survive the night.

eBass Entertainment plans to release the trailer for The Eve by December 31. The film, directed by Ritchie Steven Filippi and also produced by Angel Acevedo, is tentatively scheduled for debut early 2012.

Homage posters released to date include:

• “Friday the 13th,” designed by Taylor Armstrong
• “Poltergeist,” designed by PJ Filippi
• “The Evil Dead,” designed by PJ Filippi, photography by Jeremy Bales

The fourth and fifth concepts and designers have yet to be announced. View the first three posters at TheEveMovie.com, and keep up-to-date on new releases by following The Eve on Facebook (Facebook.com/TheEveMovie).

For further details on the production, visit www.TheEveMovie.com

 and watch for updates via www.Facebook.com/TheEveMovie

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