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Prepare for THE EVE This April 24th


The award winning independent feature horror/thriller film The Eve proudly announces that it has partnered with distributor Indie Rights and will be releasing the film through VOD on April 24th, 2015. The movie will be available worldwide on iTunes, Vudu, Xbox, and PlayStation Network, followed by additional platforms soon after. The Eve, which won Best Thriller, the Audience Award, and Best Actress (Miranda Noelle Wilson) at the 2014 Chain NYC Film Festival has been steadily gaining online supporters with its innovative homage poster series and captivating trailer.


Indie Rights is a company that sees the value in working with the independent film community and has striven to bridge the modern gap of the non-multi-million dollar indie film-to-screen role. Electronic Bass Entertainment is extremely honored to be a part of such a relationship. Dates and locations of Special Screening events of the film leading up to the release date will be announced by the beginning of April.

Starring Al Thompson, Maria DiDomenico, Miranda Noelle Wilson, and Evan Bass.
Directed by Ritchie Steven Filippi

The Eve Official Website, as well as songs from the film by American Idol finalist Siobhan Magnus and indie-pop band Plushgun.


Scott (Al Thompson) & Jenn (Maria DiDomenico) and Lacey (Miranda Noelle Wilson) & Harry (Evan Bass) – head off for a private New Year’s celebration on the deserted tourist island of Martha’s Vineyard during the cold winter off-season. As an unseen evil toys with the couples and leaves them fighting to get off the island alive, will they survive to sunrise?

TRT: 80 minutes

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