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Book Review: Hellucinations – Author Stephen Biro

Hellucinations – Stephen Biro

It’s not everyday that you receive word that the owner of one of the darkest distributors of disturbing films is releasing a book about God and a new devotion. In fact, it was this very idea and “that” the book was about much of his drug-filled years that intrigued me enough to say, this is something worth checking out. Now I use the term “drug-filled” with caution as what might be perceived as the rambling of stoned-filled nights are actually very well-versed, written, and insightful,. No, not that pretentious kind of stuff that you often get when film studies students write books filled with goobly gook about the intricacies of emotional framing and directorial purpose. “Hellucinations” is actually very laid out with a tone that takes you on as a friend and not a chimp that relishes in its own use of colorful words. “Hellucinations” is a trip, but in a way that connects fiction to reality. You might even say your awakening moment for the “Neo” in all of us.

Stephen Biro is your tour guide here as he quickly brings you into a hazy filled world with devils and angels standing before him. This hallucinary interchange may not be real but it’s real at the time to the author of this book. Though every superhero need an origin , so Biro takes the hands of readers thru his often turmoiled past. In many cases, there is much that readers can relate to if even in those glorious teen angst years. With all this historical input we are merely introduced to the fact that Brio began just as we did with challenges, triumphs and failures. The drug years may not be something everyone encounters but the details are nothing new in the scope of things.

It is clearly stated before we get too much into the inter dimensional metaphysics of his tale that he has an absolute belief that there is a God and a devil. That’s alot to take in if you aren’t attuned into this way of thinking. But either way, these words reach you with a purpose that deserves to be heard.

“Hellucinations” is actually alot to take in. I say this because when it starts getting into the drug trip adventures, it’s equivalent to watching a bunch of films at once. In that respect it makes it harder to review from a specific over sort of way. Biro describes each event as he indulges into another drug of choice that instantly leads to a vision or experience that compares much like Alice dropping into Wonderland. Morpheus form the Matrix enters into he picture and even offers a selection of pill choices. Though you have toil includes the demons, the devil and a variety of dreamy characters that take Biro on a mission or adventure that at times is comparable to Dante’s inferno. The pages jump out in full color if only from a literary stand point. I’m guessing that 1 or 2 chapters alone could influence the basis for a cult driven film on there own. You might even the notion that due to the number of films in jested that originate from the darkest corners of the world, that ones’ mind is infected slowly as a product of effect.

I can probably relate to that on my own accord which influences other works of mine, whether directly or indirectly. I certainly have a hard time dreaming up effective nightmares that invade rather than entertain.

After all is said and done, what this book really excels to is ones personal journey into their own demons and hell awakening to the signs of God’s glory and the choices we make.

In one instance biro describes when he is presented a question of his belief not knowing that the presenter is god in disguise. I’m not sure if this kind of journey is expected of every individual looking for salvation as the means to get there is pretty harsh. Take your pick….near, death, excessive drugs, piles of smut and debauchery, or even the simple route of a hard life that shapes an individual into salvation.

“Hellucination” is a powerful read. In fact, it might distinctly appeal to fantasy readers and film lovers and lovers of fiction. WE get it that this is one man’s experience that he decides to share. And we get it that the sharing is one of truth and revelation. Though being one who has never used any sort of illegal drugs myself, I have to share the experience from a viewing perspective. I’m not sure this will ever share the bookshelf in the local Christian store, but it is refreshing to experience a hell ride at that results in a positive message of hope.

Biro writes passionately with a purpose…you may end of ripping your eyes out afterwards though.

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