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Legends 2 A Halloween Tale (Released Online)

Godbout Entertainment is proud to announce the release of its latest production a tribute film to Halloween called Legends 2: A Halloween Tale.

The film picks up 10-years after the events depicted in Dimension Films’ Halloween H20. But there is a twist, Legends 2 conceives that the events in past Halloween films happened in reality and then Hollywood turned them into films. “Telling the story this way lets us keep the events of the films as canon but allows Legends 2 to have its own path” said Writer/Director Gerald J Godbout III. “It was a labor of love and craziness as we shot part of this film in North Carolina—driving 10 hours to the replica house from the first Halloween film that Kenny Caperton a fan of the franchise and over all great guy had built.”

Legends 2: A Halloween Tale will bring to close a chapter of the Halloween franchise that was started by John Carpenter in 1978—something that was abandoned when Hollywood remade the original film in 2007.

John Tate has been living as John Freeling in Orlando Fl, for the past 10 years. As Halloween approaches John begins to dream of his half sister Jamie, she comes to him warning him that their uncle the boogieman has re-awakened and will kill again. She tells him that together they can put an end to his rage and finally break their families curse. Meanwhile Haddonfield has gotten an upgrade by a huge construction company and has been bringing families back into its fold. New partner Greg Trent has a lot to prove and has gotten his friends together for the grand opening to the new Haddonfield. In the end John finds himself with a choice, run or go back to Haddonfield and face the man that has changed the name of Halloween forever, “Michael Myers?”

Legends 2 is available for download at http://www.godboutfilms.com/legends2.htm.
Download as a DIVX file or view on You-Tube at the site.

Please feel free to review the film and let us know what you think. All reviews are welcomed. P.S. Released Oct 31st. Legends 2 has been downloaded over 10,000 times

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