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The FX Shop: Interview – Graham C. Schofield (Bloodlust Unlimited FX)

Graham C. Schofield is not a chap to f*ck with. He can slice, skin, stab, and scalp you with the greatest of ease. Oh yeah, and he does gore FX too. Special makeup FX artist, creature creator, and founder of Bloodlust Unlimited FX, if you’re looking for shocking on a shoestring GCS can pull it off. Let’s pick the brain of a madman, and get soaked in sanguine as we kick it with Graham C. Schofield . . .

What’s up dooshbag?

What’s it look like dipsh*t?

Tell us a little about what you do.

I’m an entrepreneur in sanguinition delivery and faux violence simulation. I kill people Mikey!

How many different mixtures of blood do you have in that sick mind of yours?

As for blood its never red enough, black enough, thick enough, wet enough. So eleven.

Everyone knows the FX guys are the craziest dudes on the film set. What kind of vibe do you give off to the rest of the film crew?

I’d say we get to be the rock stars because were weird, gross, and bloody and love it! People put down plastic when I walk in and mop up when I leave.

What’s the gnarliest gore effect you’ve done so far?

I once cut a baby out of a pregnant belly. Wait, you said girliest right?

What gorefest horror film inspires you most?

I’d say Re-animator.

What are some of the projects you’re most proud of, and what can we expect from you in the future?

Let’s see Midnight Meat Train, Lil *ucker, and look out at tromadance for Sex Doll She Bitch. Don’t forget Monstrous Nature.

How do you feel about titties, and what is the importance of titties in the Horror genre?

I think they are detrimental to film in general.

Favorite Nightmare on Elm St. movie?

Number 2 because of the quote “Freddy owns me”.

Tell us about Little Fucker?

A bad 90s creature/stoner/buddy flick made earlier this year. Look for my cameo.

Huge FX companies get budgets that allow them to create anything, but Bloodlust Unlimited is an independent company that does independent films. What does an independent FX company have to be prepared for?

Awe, agent Rots you think you dissect me with this blunt little tool…

Is it true that on the film Lil *ucker you had to make a penis for the creature on the spot using food from the Kraft services table?

Yes but we decided on using my actual c**k right after.

Tell us a funny story about a film you’ve done.

I saw a fat ass skin tag of a man jerk off for an hour in the woods…wait funny or romantic.

What FX artist influenced you most?

Rollie Tyler

Is it true that your brother f*cked a fish?

Yes, he’s a master baiter.

Favorite Metal band?

King Diamond

Outside of the film industry, what’s your greatest achievement, so far?

What the f*ck do you care?

What’s your favorite horror film of all time?

Jurassic Park

What movie scared, or scares, the sh*t out of you most?


Werewolves or Vampires?

Wolfmans over Draculas

All time Favorite ice cream flavor?

That’s a gay question Mikey!

Who would win in a no holds barred fight to the death Ronnie James Dio or King Diamond?

I’d be more worried about them hitting a harmony and destroying the world.

What do you think the worst way to meet your demise would be?

Peeled to death.

All time favorite Monster?

Gozer, now f*ck off I’m eating a taco.

There you go fellow freaks, GCS master of the blood bath. Check his sh*t out at www.myspace.com/bloodlustunlimited. Talk to you horror hogs next time, and remember, Graham’s right, I don’t give a f*ck.

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