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12 Bad Jokes About: ‘Let The Right One In’

“Let The Right One In” (2008) , is a Swedish horror/fantasy/romance film directed by Tomas Alfredson. It’s centered around a boy named Oskar, who is a target for bullies, and his peculiar, 12 year old friend Eli. What Oskar does not not know about Eli, is that she is a 200 year old Vampire. Her father is a serial killer, who provides Eli with blood, so she won’t have to kill. Now there’s a parent going out of his way for his offspring! ! Well, it’s only fair that act neighborly, and knock on the door to share. . .

12 Bad Jokes About: “Let The Right One In”

1) What movie is about a boy living next to the bloodthirsty brothers who engineered a workable airplane?

Let The “Wright” Ones In!

2) What films about a boy living next to a bloodthirsty guitarist named Bonnie?

Let The “Raitt” One In!

3) A boy lived next to a Vampire owned bakery, befriending one of it’s fiends. When they came to visit, he had to:

Let The “Rye” One In!

4) A left handed boy became friends with a Vampire, who was his opposite. So, when he wanted things done, that he could not do with his left, he needed to:

Let The “Right-Handed” One In!

5) Oskar had an uncle who was such a bloodthirsty penny pincher. In fact, so much so, that he had an imprint of Abraham Lincoln on his fingers. So, when he wants to come over, Oskar has to:

Let The “Tight” One In!

6) Oskar was such a devoted fan of M. Shyamalan’s films, like “Unbreakable” and “The Sixth Sense”. So, when he came over for movie night, Oskar:

Let The “M. Night” One In!

7) Oskar and Eli befriended a Zombie with bad manners. It would try to chomp them both, all of the time. But, friends forgive. So, they invited the Zombie over and:

Let The “Bite” One In!

8) A lamp broke at Oskar’s place. Eli’s dad had a spare to lend out. When Eli’s dad came over with it, Oskar:

Let The “Light” One In!

9) Oskar and Eli became fast friends with some hiphop peeps. So when the party was happening at Oskar’s, they:

Let The “A-ight”! Ones In!

10) How does 200 year old Eli, look like a 12 year old?

The blood she drinks, comes from people who eat food with a lot of “preservatives”!

11) Why didn’t Eli really need to be invited in, by Oskar?

Her grandfather was Oskar’s favorite tv news reporter, that he watched every day. So essentially he always:

Let The “Conkrite” One In!

12) Eli was a strange little Vampire, in that, she drank liquid bleach. She needed to maker her colors “pop”, and her whites be even “whiter”!
So went to Oskar’s to borrow Clorox and hoped that he’d:

Let The “Bright” One In!

Well, there you have it, Maniacs! 12 awfully badjokes about “Let The Right One In”. We took a look at Oskar and Eli. Hopefully, this won’t prompt Eli to come after me. Hey, wait. There’s a knock at my door. You don’t suppose. . . ? No, not this time! It was the post office, with another “scare” package! Remember, there’s a badjoke around the “coroner”, just waiting to be written!

See you “necks” time!

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