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12 Dead Snow Jokes!

The 2009 Norwegian horror/comedy film, Dead Snow, or Dod Sno, is directed by Tommy Wirkola.It centers on med students spending their spring break on a ski trip, in a cabin.

What they don’t know, is they are about to be attacked by Nazi Zombies! (It could happen)…

I love snow! I love Zombies! Heck, I love movies that vilify Nazis! Let’s get out our sleds, and go downhill with:

12 Dead Snow Jokes!

1.what movie is about credit card collection agency Nazis, in a snowy setting?
“Cred Snow”!

2.What do you get, if you cross a Barney Rubble neighbor, and a Norwegian horror flick?
“Fred Snow”!

3.If the last letter of the Canadian alphabet was in the snow, chasing med students, you’d call it:
“Zed Snow”!

4.If the lead singer from Poison, was attacking those that ventured into his snow filled region.You could refer to it as:

“Brett Snow”!

5.Speaking of snow filled regions;which movie has more snow?

“Dead Snow” or “Scarface”?

6.If a zombiefied Kevin Federline, was attacking the med students, is it called:

“K-Fed Snow”?!

7. What natural coughdrop, do rigormortis filled Nazi Zombies use?
“Rigorla”! ! !

8.If The head of the Beverly Hillbillies family, the Clampetts, was hunting Nazi Zombies in a horrorfilm, it would be called:
“Jed Snow”!

9.If the “Madman form Michigan”, was running around snow filled mountains, chasing Zombies, and singing Wango Tango, in a horrorfilm.You’d probably title it:
“Ted Snow”!

10.With the premise being medical students taking spring break in the snow filled mountains.You could call this horrorfilm:
“Med Snow”!

11.What film has bridezillas running after Nazi Zombies in the snow?
“Wed Snow”!

Well, there’s 12 bad jokes about “Dead Snow”, a fun horrorfilm! We piled it on like an “avalanche”.I mean, you got to be able to “bank”on getting the “drift”, and not “flake”.(ugh that was bad).

Remember, there’s a bad joke just waiting to be written!

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