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Book Review: Diabolique Magazine – Issue 3

Diabolique Magazine – Issue 3

Thanx again for joining us for a look at Diabolique..this time issue #3. So far each issue has been rich in articles, design with a common theme of acknowledging the gothic culture of film, art and literature. This is a plus for readers who between online sites (like our own) and common print magazines have found more than their share of coverage in the mainstream of film releases. To prove that, they pay a slight homage to the rather multi genre film Legend. We are told about the director’s issues, a film that was originally way too long and a body suit that towered almost 13 feet. Surely this need for a proper devil was the highlight to this fantasy and sometimes horror tale. Yep, one of those awkward moments for Cruise, a few fairytale driven goblins, but most of all that Tim Curry devil that provided a iconic moment for the film.

Moving along you might also recognize the magazine attraction to Italian horror. Though stated, even in the horror world things haven’t been easy for the directors both known and lesser known. Director Federico Zampaglione talks about his new film “Shadow”. If the title doesn’t reel you in then the uniquely creepy photos will. Though what we truly get is an overview on the struggles of Italian horror in the genre. As mentioned, it is the TV industry who have driven productions leaving the more risque horror to those who could find financing. Perhaps though in the coming years, US audiences will help drive a need for more foreign made horror productions.

Ever heard of “Hoodie horror”. I’m gonna have to proclaim naivity on that aspect. But films like the rather simply titled “F” are all over this urban style horror. “F” is talked about in detail and its relationship with evil kids donning hoods. I actually have seen a few in this vein but it’s “Them” which really sticks in my mind. It’s funny became while F is the center of this article, so is the hoodie horror. I’m thinking maybe this hoodie horror thing will catch on a bit and come full circle. Though I do like the suggestive portion of it which is a faceless dark hole of a head bringing terror and murder.

In previous fashion with have a pretty throughout tribute of sorts to some of the old school vamp films. In this instance it’s “Vampir”, or perhaps “I Vampir” (not a misspelling. Now I’m not much of an old school horror fan at least from the noire era, so I’m more attuned to the rather stark and beautiful photos included here. Very gothy, very appropriate. The purpose here is to pay more tribute to Italian Horror and the early era.

Gothic goodness is explored in the article “Dictionary of the Gothic”.
The idea of fairy tales and their relationship is explored which in turn brings the gothic sensibility of youth full circle with a haunting connection of odd, dark and the recollective. Pan’s Labyrinth being a strong contender is discussed and its surreal association between real and the fantastical. Other recent points are made on modern re-introductions such as “Beastly” and “Red Riding Hood”. The issue ends on a lone traveler per iconic gothic clip art.

Diabolique Magazine – Issue 3

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