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Leatherface Is BACK And Going 3D

Our favorite cross-dressing freak show “Leatherface” will be coming back to the modern world of horror, but from a much more visually coming out of the screen stand point–3D. John Luessenhop (Takers) is in talks to helm the sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic. What creative thinkers on the project don’t want to do is to take away from what the original brought to the screen and piss off any horror fans like they did with the 2003 remake, but still bring a modern version to almost reboot the franchise.

The drafted scripts would involve something along the lines of…a young woman named Heather traveling to Texas with her friends to collect an inheritance and upon her arrival, Heather finds out that she’s related to Leatherface, and their family reunion presumably takes an incredibly ghastly turn. Now, I found some major film plot spoilers so if you’re not interested in hearing what may or may not happen in the movie, then stop reading now. If not, enjoy the rest of the article!

The entire story takes place in a modern setting. It begins with an angry mob comprised of cops and townspeople descending on the home of Leatherface and the rest of his clan. In this version, Leatherface’s real name is Jeb Stuart – and Hooper, the town’s sheriff, is willing to give him a fair trial for the crimes he’s accused of. However, mayor Burt Hartman has other ideas and he encourages the mob to dispense their own brand of justice. The house is burned to the ground, taking all of its residents with it. It’s at this point that we’re introduced to our heroine, Heather – who’s described as “a bit of a hornbag” with “a taste for things of a darker nature” – which includes her rather disturbing collection of artwork. She learns of her connection to Leatherface and the rest of the family just as a new series of murders begin. Hooper attempts to figure out whether or not Leatherface somehow survived the fire or if someone’s simply impersonating him.

Lionsgate has also officially announced that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D will in fact be scheduled for theater release October of next year. Sounds like they could be planning a decent Halloween release date for this doozy.

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