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Horror T-Shirt Top Ten List Part 2 – Return of the Living TeePublic

Who’s ready for a T-Shirt Chainsaw Massacre?

Horrornews.net and TeePublic have joined forces to bring you another t-shirt list of your favorite horror movies and more.   This is even more proof that horror comes in all shapes and sizes.


Here comes good ol’ Billy Chapman from “Silent Night, Deadly Night” ready to ruin and destroy your quaint little ’80s Christmas.


9. The Rabbit In Red Lounge

Head out to Rt. 5 in Russellville (or right off U.S. Main if you’re in Haddonfield) for the best adult entertainment this side of Smith’s Grove!


8. Destino Macabro 

All destinations point to horror in this street sign design.  Haddonfield, Elm Street, Crystal Lake, and much more.


7. Let’s Sacrifice Toby 

1970’s style children’s design but this isn’t does not promote peace, love, and flower power



Wear it right-side up or up-side down, Stranger Things


5. The Sanderson Witch Museum

Show off your most favorite souvenir, your t-shirt from the Sanderson Witch Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. So Go-Ahead and Grab One. But remember, it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus…

4. Let’s Summon Demons

Activities for Children.  School’s just don’t teach this kind of thing for some reason.

3. Book of the Dead 

Support ASH in his battle against the Evil Dead!


2. Leatherface 

T-Shirt Chainsaw Massacre in full effect!



Stephen King’s It and Simpsons mashup design, featuring your favorite clown Krusty as Pennywise!


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