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Film Review: Eyes of the Chameleon (2005)


A serial killer is on the loose in Las Vegas. People do coke in Las Vegas. People get their hoo-ha’s pierced in Las Vegas, by guys who are on coke. There is at least one hot goth girl who does coke and has sex in Las Vegas, who just got her hoo-ha pierced by a guy who just did a bunch of coke. And there’s a serial killer…in Las Vegas.


Directed by Ron Atkins
Written by Ann Teal
Starring: Ann Teal, Lawrence Howard, Robert Scott Howard, Garvin Lee

I have a routine I go through when I get the next batch of movies to watch and review. I look each one up on IMdB.com to see if I am familiar with anyone involved with the film, read the brief story line to see which ones look interesting, and maybe read a couple of the reviews to let me know what I’m in for. That’s a slippery slope, however, as I rarely agree with other reviewers; everybody hates everything I like (I thought the remake of “Nightmare” was awesome and I’m pretty sure I was the ONLY one who did) and what’s more, they’re really nasty about expressing it. I don’t know what it is about a computer screen that enables some people to forget that they’re human and no longer need to treat others with courtesy and respect, but it happens ALL the time with movie reviewers and it pisses me off. Anyway, I digress.

I read a review of Eyes of the Chameleon on IMdB.com. The review was creepier than the movie. It was the only one on the site and it was done by Anonymous. Check it out:

finally a gutsy film
8 February 2007 | by Anonymous

so unique in these times.

very on the edge. disturbing which is refreshing bold and daring perfect shock movie can’t wait to view more great movie gets you in touch with dark side which everyone has writer obviously had interesting childhood.

haven’t seen something this interesting since “Town that Dreaded Sundown” would definitely see more. enjoyed music Atkins has raw talent definitely not a follower would love to see this as a musical.

This film tests the boundaries in our so-called moral society

An absolute refreshing change to the everyday commercial horror flick.

Naturally I was intrigued. After reading that review and seeing the cover art I was really excited to see this movie. The problem is, with one exception, this movie brings none of those things to the table. I didn’t find it captivating or unique. It’s maybe a little edgy and a bit disturbing at times. There’s nothing refreshing, bold or daring going on. I haven’t seen “The Town that Dreaded Sundown” but I’d like to just to gain a barometer for where Anonymous is coming from. The music wasn’t bad for a low-budget, independent film. I didn’t think it really tested any boundaries, except for the implied nipple amputation (that kind of gave me the willies.)

The one thing that I can agree on is that Ron Atkins has some raw talent. With the limited resources available to him, he manages to create some really interesting camera shots. The shot of the priest at the funeral service was my favorite, and he’s on to a flashback technique that could be really effective if he gets it down. It’s just apparent that Mr. Atkins enjoys playing with the camera and I would encourage him to keep doing it, he just has to be sure to stay away from first person POV shots of his serial killers, breathing heavily into the microphone; I know this movie was made six years ago, but that particular technique debuted in the early 80’s and is such a staple that it’s the clarion call of a movie that isn’t taking itself seriously.

So, if you’d like to see a low-budget movie with a hot goth girl and people doing a lot of cocaine by a director who has a lot of potential but obviously wants to direct p*rn, or at least some sort of amazing art house version of it, see Eyes of the Chameleon.

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