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Film Review: Red Velvet (2008)


A man and a young woman have a chance encounter at a laundry mat which leads to a story about a birthday party where everyone has been killed by a madman in a white jumpsuit.


Aaron peeks thru the peephole and sees Linda leaving to do her laundry. He quickly hops in his car and follows her to the laundry mat. As he walks by her he drops some quarters on the floor and Linda points this out. Now she opened the door for some wicked conversation between the two of them. Aaron snidely fills her in on how he is her neighbor and he hears her dumb f*ck boyfriend always yelling and beating her ass. Linda doesn’t take his remarks as a timid woman might, she insults him back with her well oiled acid tongue. Gotta love a chick with moxi!

After a while of trading insults he talks her into getting something to eat at the Chinese food place across the street. He’s a writer and Linda says she’ll go if he’ll tell her a story. Linda tells Aaron that she is really bummed out that she didn’t get to go to a friends party up at this isolated cabin in the woods because her douche bag of a boyfriend wouldn’t take her. Aaron comes up with the idea to tell her a custom made story about the party she missed. She gives him some basic details about her friends and the tale begins to unfold.

First off he makes these people into some very quirky yet colorful characters to match up as her friends. Then they both try to dream up the perfect maniac to off them all with. They both decide that he has on a ski mask but also has a camera strapped to his head. The point of the whole camera thing is so the last thing the victims sees is themselves dying. As the story goes on they slowly start to bond and the characters play this part well that it doesn’t look forced or fake. Linda gets a little pissy and leaves the restaurant before the story is finished and heads back to the laundry mat.

Aaron happens to be brutally honest and sometimes the answers to her questions stings like a bee leaving her red faced and her feelings obviously hurt. I love the way they used the colorful lighting and smoke to enhance certain scenes, it made everything seem surreal yet also helped them stand out- it reminded me of going into haunted attractions. There are also some really cool ways that people are killed in here, very original and bloody. Red Velvet is a horror comedy that really delivers the goods and leaves you thinking about the film and wanting to recommend it to all of your horror loving friends. 

Aaron tells her that he’ll drive her to the cabin up at Big Bear and drop her off if she wants. So she takes him up on his offer and they head on up to the party. On the drive there you kinda think she just might be falling for c**ky old Aaron but your not really sure. She just seems to be letting her guard down a little with him and you can tell she is actually enjoying herself. So they pull up to the cabin and it’s deathly quiet making her wonder if anyone is even there. A woman’ s scream cuts off their thoughts and Linda asks Aaron to go check it out for her.

What do you think he will find inside? He tells her to stay in the car and he makes a mad dash to the cabin and heads in. Linda, not one to follow anyone’s orders grabs a hammer from the back seat and slowly heads into the darkened cabin. Will she find her friends dead? Or will she see that they are all just having such a great time that they were screams of excitement? They say everything happens for a reason but you know what, sometime’ people set things up to help push those reasons along. But you have to wonder why did Aaron want to meet her so badly at the laundry mat? Oh you’ll find out all right!

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