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Book Review: Heart Of Glass – Author David Winnick


by David Winnick
(Bad Moon Books)

Time has not been kind to Adam and Sonia’s marriage. They have drifted away from each other and barely speak anymore. On a trip to the local antiques mall, Adam finds a jigsaw puzzle made of clear glass. He believes that working on the puzzle together may help with their problems. However the puzzle has a strange hold on Adam, and what he thought might bring him and Sonia together threatens to tear them apart forever.

First off, this chapbook was given away by Bad Moon Books at the 2011 WHC in Austin and can be found using the above link at Amazon for Kindle at only 99-cents, for this amazing little story I would pay a lot more than that.

In fact it is the best short story I have read so far this year. It is one of those stories that you think when you finish…wow!!

The back cover synopsis above will tell you what the story is about but it is Mr. Winnick’s writing that makes it stand out. In just about 27 pages Mr. Winnick manages to pull you fully into Adam’s and Sonia’s world, letting you experience what they are going through in their marriage.  To me this story seemed a lot longer, Mr. Winnick was able to pack quite a bit into such a short story.

And the ending…amazing…I absolutely loved the ending.

If you own a Kindle and have 99-cents, I can guarantee it will be the best 99-cents you ever spent.

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