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Book Review: Bloodrush – Author Bryan Smith


by Bryan Smith
(Delirium Books – July 2011)

David Rucker wakes up to a scene of shocking violence. Blood and body parts are everywhere. At first, he has no memory of who he is or how he wound up unconscious in the midst of all this carnage. The mental fog engulfing him begins to clear and recognition dawns. The bodies of the dead belonged to people he loved. As he absorbs this information, a series of increasingly devastating revelations soon follow, including the realization that he is no longer alive. At least not in the technical sense. He is a monster. A killer. A vampire. At last he remembers something even more disturbing—Narcisa, the ancient and beautiful vampire queen who turned him and set in motion the events that led to this tragedy.

There’s still more David needs to remember, but first an even more crucial piece of the puzzle needs an answer—where the hell is Narcisa?

I was terribly excited when I found out that Bryan Smith had written a vampire story. I knew that it would kick ass and it most certainly does.

I was really never a over the top violence and gore-hound. I love atmospheric, creepy horror with the knowledge that some bloodletting is necessary. That all changed when I started reading Bryan Smith’s books. There is just something about the way he writes that forever changed the way I look at horror.

Bryan’s books are fabulously bloody, sick, violent and fun, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. His books are also filled with dark humor, fast paced action and characters that are absolutely fantastic.

His new offering from Delirium Books “Bloodrush” is no exception. Bryan takes on the vampire mythos in his own sick and twisted way. The story revolves around Narcisa and David and their journey together through a night of violence and blood drinking.

Some people believe that vampire’s should finally die off. I am not one of them. I love vampires and any good vampire book is well worth the time to read as far as I am concerned.

“Bloodrush” is an awesome vampire story. No wimpy sparkly vampire’s here. Narcisa is a great vampire, she has no qualms about who or what she is. She revels in her dark powers, feeding, maiming and torturing at will.

I especially liked the ending, left me wanting so much more.

My only complaint would be is that I wish it would have been a lot longer and delved into Narcisa’s history a little more, the extent of her powers and what happens to David and his new vampire companion.

This review is written with thoughts and prayers for Bryan  as he has just recently lost his wife Rachael. Please, everyone keep him and his families in your thoughts and prayers as he goes through the toughest thing we as people can go through. Keep the faith Bryan and stay strong.

And please make it a point to buy as many of his books as possible. He is one of the best and brightest voices in horror today.

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