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Excerpt from the Controversial Interview with Pro Wrestler Austin Idol

This is part of the interview conversation that I had with Austin Idol this past Saturday, June 4, 2011.  WARNING: The topic was the real life 1975 plane crash that ended in the death of professional wrestler Bobby Shane. Austin Idol, Buddy Colt, and Gary Hart were also on that plane.  This interview gets very heated.

Austin Idol:
It really plays heavily on your mind. It’s like a never ending instant replay. You never forget it. It’s always back there. It was just tragic. It was an absolutely tragic tragic time. It’s not a good memory, Mike.

Mike Joy:
I’m sure it was a horrible memory.
Do you want to address any of those rumors?

Austin Idol:

Mike Joy:
You know those rumors.

Austin Idol:
You got me on that one. What rumors are you talking about.

Mike Joy:
There’s some rumors floating around that maybe Bobby Shane could have been saved?

Austin Idol:
I don’t think I heard you.
Could you repeat that please.

Mike Joy:
Do you think Bobby Shane could have been saved?
I mean, everyone else walked out or at least everyone else survived that crash.
I don’t know, there are rumors going around that maybe Bobby Shane could have survived that crash.

Austin Idol:
I’ve never heard that before.
You say rumors going around. I never heard any rumors about that. and if so, who.

Mike Joy:
They’re our there.

Austin Idol:
There out there?
Could you name somebody who floated something like that out there?

Mike Joy:
I’d rather not.
I don’t really think I need to go there.

Austin Idol:
You don’t think you need to go there?
Well, you bring something up like that. You’re saying I could have saved Bobby Shane. or Colt or Hart could have saved Bobby Shane?
Are you serious? Are you seriously asking me that question? just tell me that, because if you are it’s sick. but if you’re kidding or ribbing, it’s still sick

Mike Joy:
It’s a serious question and I’m surprised no one’s ever asked it before now.
I mean, Bobby Shane could have been saved that night, no doubt about it.

Austin Idol:
Hold on. Wait a minute. Just a second now. You are so far out of line this is ridiculous.
This is absolutely ridiculous. Now you’re telling me, You’re making a statement that Bobby Shane could have been saved that night. What the hell would you know about that, man. You have no clue about what happened that night. You weren’t there.

Mike Joy:
Listen, I do my homework. I’m a journalist and before I go into any interview I do a lot of homework, and trust me, did my homework on this and what I know is … you survived, Gary Hart survived, Bobby Shane didn’t.

Austin Idol:
Yeah, Bobby Shane unfortunately perished in the plane crash. We survived and he didn’t. You know. Unfortunate that he didn’t. For you to come out here and say he could have been saved and that you know that , it’s baseless. It’s totally baseless. There’s no base of fact there. I’m starting to pick up and I think I’m starting to get this. I’m feeling a little bit trapped and ambushed here. Now, when you initially emailed me, you wanted to do a little ten question Q&A and you wanted to follow up with a radio interview. I was more than happy to do that because I thought you were sincere and legitimate. but obviously this has been a set up. And you know this ain’t funny. This is not funny at all, man. We’re talking about a man who died in a plane crash, I’ve never had anyone. Since 1975, no one’s ever broke what with me, man!

Mike Joy:
It sounds like you have a little bit of a guilty conscious. Just a little bit.

Austin Idol:
You know what. Where you located man?

Mike Joy:
I’m in New Jersey, right near Philadelphia.

Austin Idol:
Your in Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love! If I was up there in a room with you in Philadelphia, you wouldn’t be feeling any love.

Mike Joy:
Oh really. Is that a threat? Is that a threat McCord?

Austin Idol:
I’m not threatening anybody, I’m just saying that journalists are usually held to some kind of standard. but obviously you don’t have one.

Mike Joy:
You know what, I interviewed celebrities, Hollywood celebrities. I interview actor and directors. You know, I’m doing you a favor by interviewing you because everyone knows all you want to do is come on and plug your Ankle Armour or whatever you want to plug. I’m doing you a favor!

Austin Idol:
You know what, this interview is coming to a screeching halt. and I’m going to tell you this, ok

Mike Joy:
What are you going to tell me?

Austin Idol:
You are a cheap shot artist. you’re a punk, you’re a dirt bag, a sleeve bag, and a scum bag. That’s exactly what you are. If I were your boss, you would be fired! You would be absolutely fired!

Mike Joy:
You’re not my boss

Austin Idol:
You are a punk, you hear me, you are a punk, you are a punk!

Mike Joy:
You know what, I think you’re a punk!

The phone conversation abruptly ends.


Controversial Interview with Pro Wrestler Austin Idol


  1. Dear Mike,
    I was there from the begining, I interviewed all of the survivors, and NEVER heard a rumor about “Bobby could have been saved”. Shane was the only one among the 4 who did’nt know how to swim, and he was still in his seat in the rear of the plane when it was recovered. It was stormy, dark, nasty Tampa Bay weather, it was a miracle any of them survived that crash.
    Ive know Austin Idol (McCord) for over 40 years, Ive NEVER known him to turn his back on a friend, much less in a situatuion as that night.
    Check your sources thoroughly and determine why they would start a rumor like that.
    I enjoy your web site.
    Tedd Webb
    Co-Host AM Tampa Bay
    Fox Newsradio970 WFLA
    Tampa, FL
    A Clear Channel Station

    • I can’t say that I have ever seen your website until this interview nor have I ever followed pro-wrestling; however, I can honestly say that Austin McCord (Idol) is a man of virtue and integrity. He is as honorable as they come. My husband and I have known him for many years and he was Best-Man in our wedding. The allegations you made were nothing more than self-promoting cheap shots and were not based on any facts from the event. I too suggest you do more research in the future! … Tell me Mike, when was the last time you were in a plane crash,at night during a storm ,in a large body of water and had to swim to shore with 2 broken feet?? My guess is never! It was a miracle that anyone survived . END OF STORY!!

  2. This guy loses a friend in a tragic accident and you state, “I mean, Bobby Shane could have been saved that night, no doubt about it.” So you’re telling him he turned his back on his friend, “no doubt about it”? How do you expect him to react to that charge? He seemed genuinely surprised that rumor is floating out there and asked where you heard it- why wouldn’t you tell him? And later on you accuse the guy of having a guilty conscience? I feel bad for the guy and can see why he blew up. I really think you owe him an apology.

  3. You call yourself a journalist? I’ve been around professional journalists for over a decade, and you are no more a journalist than a thirteen-year old writing in a blog. If you have an editor, and they allowed this to be posted, they’re not an editor. You, for lack of a better word, are an asshole.

  4. I call myself Joyhorror. I am a journalist. and I think I’m misunderstood at times. You see, I’m not trying to start an “Anti-Austin Idol Campaign”, although typing that out and looking at it, I must say it has possibilities. I’m just trying to give Idol a forum to talk about his life, both goods times and bad times. Hmmm, I’m such a nice guy. I’m going to treat myself to a big box of Count Chocula cereal.

  5. Gary Hart Jr.

    You are by far the biggest piece of trash I’ve come across in a long time. And for the record, medical records to be exact, Bobby Shane died on impact from a head wound, he had very little water in his lungs. You’re disgusting, you don’t check facts, and I wish Idol had given you a crash landing.


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