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Interview: Austin Idol – Pro Wrestler ‘Snapped!’

Exclusive Horrornews Interview : “Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol

Here is the complete three part interview that I conducted with professional wrestler Austin Idol.   I might get into some heat for posting this interview, but here goes:

Part 1 The print interview with AUSTIN IDOL. Idol talks about Ankle Armour, Paul E Dangerously, Tommy Rich and more.

1) This question might be too broad in scope, but it’s a question I have to ask none the less. Do you have a favorite match from your illustrious career?

So many important matches but, the most significant was when I shaved Jerry “The King” Lawler’s head in front of a sold out crowd in the Memphis Colosseum. You have to realize that Jerry Lawler was right under Elvis Presley in the Memphis pecking order. He never lost a hair match and literally shaved every ones head in the Memphis territory plus their wives and girl friends. Every wrestling fan in the area bought a ticket to witness The “Universal Hearthrob” Austin Idol join the long list of others who fell victim to Lawler.

What they didn’t have a clue about is I had Tommy “Wildfire” Rich stashed under the wrestling ring for several hours before this monumental match. Adding to the drama, the match took place inside a steel cage so the fans were sure Austin Idol was going to lose his hair. The outcome was historic and went down in the annals of pro wrestling. The “Universal Hearthrob” Austin Idol defeats Jerry “The King” Lawler in a hair match in Memphis, Tn before a stunned sold out crowd! I, along with Rich and Paul E. Dangerously barely escaped with our lives surrounded by a riotous crowd! Following this shocking event Austin Idol was the hottest and most hated heel in the history of Memphis wrestling! Idol Mania was hot, hot, hot!!!!

2) What felt more natural to you, playing the role of face or heel?

I have to say heel. The reason is, I had something then and even today that no one else had. Austin Idol was a master at cheating in the ring. This is and has been a lost art for decades simply because guys didn’t really know how many ways you could do this and have everyone screaming at you, the referee, and even themselves! I knew so many ways to cheat in the ring but, I also knew when to get caught. Audience participation is crucial and baby, Austin Idol knew how to manipulate a crowd either as a face or cunning/viscous heel! Old Uncle Mortimer was right. Win if you can, lose if you must, but, always cheat! Lol…..

3) When can wrestling fans expect to see a book release of “The Austin Idol Story”?

I get this question every single day by many great and loyal Austin Idol fans. I have completed 9 chapters and I’m guessing there’s probably another 9 or so. I want the Austin Idol Story to be a true human interest book, filled with many life experiences, and a book that when read many inspirational lessons can be learned from it. It’s coming Dahl’n so stand by!

4) Could you give us a brief synopsis of what material might be covered in “The Austin Idol Story”?

The Austin Idol story will start when little Austin was a born taking me through my school days, how and when I broke into the professional wrestling industry, all of my wrestling career and memorable events, wrestlers, and general wrestling experiences.

5) In 1975 you were involved in a plane crash and I’d like to ask you about that. In the moments leading into that infamous crash, what thoughts were going through your head?

The infamous plane crash involving Austin Idol then known as Iron Mike McCord, Playboy Gary Hart, Buddy Colt, and the late great Beautiful Bobby Shane was a real “Horror” event that could easily be made into an incredible movie! I had 1 last thought before we crashed. YOU’RE DEAD!!
6) Afterwards, Did you ever doubt that you would make a return to wrestling?

Actually, after regaining some sense of reality I made up my mind that I would never wrestle again. I believed the plane crashed that killed Bobby and we the luckiest of the lucky was an omen. Quit the wrestling business and never look back! This was my mindset for quite a while until one day click?
7) What was the creative process like when you came up with the Austin Idol character?

I returned to wrestling in Atlanta which was then called Georgia Championship Wrestling on Ted Turner’s TBS. I was over strong as a big face especially returning after the plane crash. I was the Georgia Heavyweight Champion at the time I fell ill to Phlebitis ” A blood clot in my lower left leg”. Iron Mike was weighing about 275 lbs. at the time and bench pressing 500 lbs! The Doctor told me go home, elevate your leg, don’t get out of bed for any reason until your fever breaks! This meant do all biological functions somehow while in bed. No fun! The Doc said if you move, the blood clot could loosen from the wall of your vein and travel to your heart, brain, lungs, and BANG, You’re dead! I left Atlanta, went back to Tampa, lost 100 lbs, and like a mad scientist who created a monster in the laboratory of his castle high upon the hill, Baron Von Idolstein created “THE UNIVERSAL HEARTHROB” AUSTIN IDOL!

8) I loved the combination of Paul E. Dangerously with Austin Idol and Tommy Rich. Years later, Tommy Rich would catch up with Paul E. again in Extreme Championship Wrestling. I’m curious if there were ever talks about bringing in Austin idol to ECW?

Very interesting question? I was on top in Memphis and there was a young brash kid with going by the name of Paul E. Dangerly. Lawler didn’t like his last name and changed it to Dangerously. I liked Paul and could tell he was salivating for success so the Idol thought he would help him out. I never had a manager before so I thought if I make the kid my manager it would really give him the push or break he needed. I told Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler to let me have him as a manager and don’t worry about it, everything would be fine. They agreed and so it happened, Paul E. Dangerously was on top. No, I never heard from him when he was doing the ECW gig!
9) Do you follow what is going on in professional wrestling today, and are you impressed or depressed with the current product?

Honestly, I don’t follow wrestling these days. There really isn’t a good reason to do so. It’s not an old school thing just nothing going on or people on the street would be asking, “Hey Austin Idol, did you see what they did last night on WWE? Baby, if they ain’t talk’n about in the gyms, airports, restaurants, and retail outlets, there’s a good reason. You don’t have to be a mad scientist like Baron Von Idolstein to figure it out!

10) You are the spokesperson for Ankle Armour. What can you tell us about this unique product and most importantly, where can it be purchased?

Austin Idol receives inquiries about different projects, ideas, etc… from different people from time to time. When the owner of Ankle Armour and I met and he explained his ideas for a very unique sports, exercise, and outdoor enthusiasts accessory. I listened with extreme interest and everything he said describing the Ankle Armour versatile ankle pocket strap made perfect sense. He possessed a true passion for his company and products and this was by no means his first rodeo.

As I listened, I realized this was a brilliant idea he was creating! The Ankle Armour pocket strap is something that literally everyone can use whether they are going to the gym, beach, jogging, running, hiking, biking, walking, or practically anything that involves movement and having a convenient way of carrying 1 key instead of a full key chain. Ankle Armour is also big on fundraising for schools and worthwhile causes. We have just introduced our STRENGTH IGNITED wristbands that can be found on our website.

These wristbands were created to help promote Autism Awareness and not only do they look awesome but, a portion of sales goes directly to the Autism foundation.

Ankle Armour products can be purchased directly on-line and for corporations, schools, small businesses, charities, or any fundraising campaign we can place your business logo on our ankle pocket straps or create a special wristband for your company. If you have a business and are interested in this, just contact Ankle Armour on our website and tell them you saw it here! A big shout out to all pro wrestling fans and of course all Austin Idol fans! I can be contacted direct on: http://www.austinidollive.com and make sure you visit: http://www.ankle-armour.com on a regular basis!

Part 2 of my AUSTIN IDOL Audio Interview.  Idol talks about Ric Flair, Harley Race, Randy Savage, and more. Approximately 10 minutes AustinIdol2

Part 3 of my AUSTIN IDOL Audio Interview. Idol talks about Lawler, the Plane Crash and his GUILTY CONSCIENCE! That’s all I can really say… Approximately 14 minutes  AustinIdolsGuiltyConscience  

Contact info: Joyhorror@horrornews.net

Interview: Austin Idol Snapped!

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  1. Just wanted to let Mr. idol know he was awsome he’s the reason i got into wrestling. back in 1988 I saw austin idol on tv and he blew my mind. i had a son in June 1988 and i named him Austin . my son passed away November of that year. i got into wrestling around 91 and all i wanted was to be a heel. i got to live a dream. i haf one more. son. but unfortunately he was killed 18

    years ago he was18 and that was a dream of his.


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