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Book Review: Horror Library Vol 4 – Editor R. J. Cavender


It’s that time again. Another review from me, what may I present to thee? Glad you asked. Horror Library Volume 4! The latest installment to the Horror Library series. The stories contained are far more scarier and downright disgusting. Normal people can’t read this, they don’t have the stomachs to, or are more of wimps. No one truly understands the written creations that have been contributed to this series. So onto the review. Like before, there are a multitude of short stories in this tome. T

he first one was a collaboration piece with R.J. Cavender and Boyd E. Harris. A Very Important Message For Those Planning to Travel to Costa Rica, the story was well written and has opened my eye to what dark secrets lurk in tropical regions of the world. Into The After was a touchy story which involves a surviving member of the tragic 9-11 incident.

The supernatural element was a well done touch, the emotions were real. Ash Wednesday was one of those types of stories where you think something good comes out of it only to blow up in your face. There are some stories which immediately grab one’s attention.

Some dull, others interesting in their uniqueness. Short tales where the characters can be related to one’s own experiences in their lives. People we’ve met, places we’ve only dreamed of going, but are afraid of what might happen once we arrive there. Several names have caught my eye, Jeff Strand and Bentley Little are two of the dozens of novelists I’m familiar with, whose work I’ve come to respect and love. Exegesis of the Insecta Apocrypha by Colleen Anderson is one of those stories where you have to sit down and think what one’s interest in insects would lead to.

 All Dead by JG Faherty is a supernatural tale of those who suffer from the endless mind numbing guilt at the selfish act of suicide. Campbell’s Pond, is a tale of one’s desperation while living in an even far worse environment. Testaville, Ohio is a supernatural tale where you have to wonder if we are haunted by things which shouldn’t even be. I often find myself wanting to know that as well, only thing is, I’ll drive my Thing crazy. For those wanting to know, read the short story. You’ll understand.

The people at Cutting Block Press have done again, a bang up job in collecting what is by far the best stories ever written. I can go on and on about the stories contained within, if you’re curious to see what obscenities can be pulled from one’s own twisted mind, then buy this anthology. You will be amazed at some of the tales told.

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