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Book Review: Horror Library Volume 2 – Edited by R.J. Cavender


Here we are, what are the words that would describe the atrocities contained within this tome? How am I able to describe the horror written by authors whom readers of horror fiction will be learning about in the future? Horror Library Volume 2 is a follow up of short horror stories written by authors who know the craft and understand the horror genre very well. The stories contained within, short but very sweet, are the types of stories that most publishers would not want you to read. These are the stories that make horror what it really is, terrifying!

R.J. Cavender returns once more with authors who will frighten you, make you look over your shoulder at night when reading Horror Library Volume 2 by yourself, in whatever dwelling you inhabit. Or even cause you to not trust those around you, making you unsure of their motives. Whatever the case, this book manages to make you squirm. As you read the stories inside, an unsettling feeling will slither its way inside your body, filling you with dread, perhaps a strong sense of fear.

The stories are not meant to read by yourself if you are easily frightened. Only one suggestion I have to make for those whose curious eyes find themselves staring at the obscene cover of this sequel to the original Horror Library: BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID! Odd the stories written within, may be, but all the more scarier towards the end. Authors who have grown up reading the likes of H.P. Lovecraft passionately show their inspiration from the master of short horror fiction himself.

Tales of the undead will make you fear the day, the dead will rise to consume the flesh of the living. Bizarre stories of insane envious restaurant owners harvesting alien flesh, turning it into delicious fajitas will make you question what you are really eating at a new dining establishment near Area 51.
Whatever story you may read, you are bound to ask yourself this: What in the name of Hell were these authors thinking when writing this?
The stories inside are ready for your eyes‘ consumption. Just ask yourself this when and if you decide to pick this second horror anthology up and read it alone in the confines of your living room or bedroom: Am I willing to scare myself from literary horrors within? If you are squeamish and easily terrified, then this second installment may not be for you. Perhaps a lighter story may be in your best interest, BUT if you are an avid reader of horror fiction the more the merrier. Enjoy the dreaded tales within.

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