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Slime city Massacre’s Roy Frumkes in new campaign spot

When author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson needed a villain for his sequel SLIME CITY MASSACRE, available as a 2-disc DVD from Shriek Show on Tuesday, he decided to spoof someone who seemed at the time an unlikely figure for a horror/sci-fi flick: Donald Trump.

In the film, which takes place seven years after a dirty bomb levels Wall Street, Roy Frumkes (STREET TRASH) plays “Ronald Crump,” a greedy real estate tycoon determined to develop the ruins of lower Manhattan into “Crump City.” When Crump learns the homeless denizens of Slime City have squatters’ rights to the property, he hires mercenaries to wipe them out, setting the stage for the film’s climax.

To capitalize on Trump’s newfound national notoriety, Lamberson quickly arranged for Frumkes to star as “The Ronald” in a faux political campaign spot.

“I told Roy we couldn’t pass up this promotional opportunity,” Lamberson says. “He suggested the campaign spot, which I quickly wrote and Joseph Fusco directed at the School of Visual Arts, where Roy teaches. The two of them had even more fun with the concept than I expected.”

View the spot here:
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9bdR4YMpmM [/youtube]

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