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The Molting #6: Allied Forces Sneak Peek

The Molting Comic Book series is an independent effort by author and illustrator Terrance Zdunich, created with the help of letterer Oceano Ransford and colorists Brian Johnson & Molly Rodman. The Molting Comic Book series paints the portrait of a dysfunctional American family in the early ’90s. Set against a decaying urban landscape in Anaheim, CA, the so-called ‘Happiest Place On Earth’, the story traverses human history – from Upper Paleolithic hunting parties to Southern Gothic grotesqueries – to explore the family’s roots, secrets and unconventional family bonds, forged in the wake of tragedy and through the horrors of everyday life.

The Molting was recently named Comic Related’s Best Horror Comic Series of 2010.

In Chapter 6 of The Molting Comic, Trevor and Joseph attempt their biggest caper yet, alliances are tested, and the arrival of mail forces the Pryzkind family to choose sides.

Terrance Zdunich is best known for co-creating the cult film Repo! The Genetic Opera in which he also played the fan-favored role of Graverobber. As an illustrator, Zdunich provided storyboards for Sony’s animated series Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles, the live-action biopic What We Do Is Secret and the Oscar-nominated Into The Wild. Zdunich has also provided conceptual artwork for Fox’s TV series Bones.

For more on the series, its creators and to pick up the latest issue please visit: http://www.themoltingcomic.com

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