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Home | ‘Animosity’ by James Newman available April 1 – Necessary Evil Press

‘Animosity’ by James Newman available April 1 – Necessary Evil Press

James Newman announces the release of his new novel, Animosity, available April 1 from Necessary Evil Press.

Animosity is the story of Andrew Holland, a bestselling horror writer whose life starts to mirror the fictional nightmares of his novels after he finds the body of a murdered child not far from his home. Though the authorities clear him of any wrongdoing, as weeks pass with no arrest the local media insinuates connections between the gruesome subject matter of Andy’s novels and his tragic discovery. In a community tainted by suspicion and paranoia, Andy soon finds himself a pariah, and fears he might not make it out of his once-idyllic neighborhood alive. Subtitled “An American Horror Story”, Animosity is a modern-day morality tale in which the monsters wear familiar faces . . . rather than bloodthirsty vampires or brain-eating zombies beating at the door, these are our friends, our families, our peers . . . .

Animosity has received advance praise from a number of established authors. Rick Hautala (Occasional Demons) called the novel “a great story filled with tension and genuine horror . . . this book will entertain you even as it shows the worst in human nature and our struggle to rise above it”, J.F. Gonzalez (Survivor) said it “echoes the works of Bentley Little and George Orwell”, and the novel features a special Foreword by award-winning novelist Ray Garton (Live Girls).

James Newman’s previously published books include the novels Midnight Rain and The Wicked, a short story collection, People Are Strange, and several novellas, including Holy Rollers and The Forum. The film rights to Animosity were optioned pre-publication, and a screenplay is currently being shopped around Hollywood.

The signed, limited hardcover edition of Animosity can be ordered directly from the publisher, Necessary Evil Press (www.necessaryevilpress.com), or from online bookstores such as Camelot Books (www.camelotbooks.com), and the Horror Mall (www.horror-mall.com). Additional information can be found on the author’s website, www.james-newman.com.

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