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From the Nightshift: Horror News updates – 11.24.2008

Buffalo and it’s surrounding area seems to be hopping with filmmakers. Everyone with a camera seem to be out on the streets filming or at least looking through Ms. Nikki’s window. Last Saturday there was the highly successful sneak peek of “Something Dark” (Buffalo Nickel Productions/Nightmare Kinetics) and “Resident Horror” (X-Strike Studios). Before the movies trailers from the area were shown “Bitez”, “The Pigman”, “Tesla” and “Banshee” was played for crowd who appeared to be most impressed with the footage of the Banshee, and who said monster movies were dead? “Something Dark” was mostly serious, while “Resident Horror” was mostly funny and they complimented each other well. The two showings were very crowded and everyone enjoyed the evening.

While not strictly horror unless you think a grown man in tights is scary the fan film “Batman 1968” will be filming in Toronto in early December.

LOWBUDGET PICTURES are looking to break out of low budget comedy horror films to make a bigger better science fiction/horror/comedy epic. They need your support and/or funding to make their goal come true. For more information write to lowbudgetpictures@gmail.com

Rumor has it that Susan Adriensen (director “Under the Raven’s Wing” and Horrornews.net Vamp) is planning on making a gothic vampire movie in Western New York. Details are limited at best but when we have more you will be the first to know.

Another vampire film is in preproduction called “Dusk” and will possibly be using the talents of ZOMBIFIED STUDIOS. More details to follow.

DEFTTONE PICTURES STUDIOS have changed the name of their upcoming movie to “Bitez 2: Left for Dead” and plan to be filming around April/May 2009. Greg Lamberson’s”Slime City Massacre” should be filming in May/June 2009. And “Decayed” by BUFFALO NICKEL PRODUCTIONS/NIGHTMARE KINETICS should be shooting around February/March 2009. It’s a very busy time for independent horror films and I for one say thank god. Anyone who has any news about filming around Buffalo or Western New York please email me at InsomniacReview@aol.com and I will get your information listed, also looking to do interviews of filmmakers in the Western New York area.

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