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From the Nightshift: Banshee Night for the Insomniac


The Insomniac was invited to the annual Halloween Party at the Buffalo Central Terminal. For those who have never witnessed the glorious art deco building which has fallen into ghoulish decay, it is a truly breathtaking sign and the perfect place for a horror bash. To see the Terminal second-hand check out “Prison of the Psychotic Damned” or a rerun of the episode of “Ghost Hunters” that featured it.

The large concord was filled with sexy cops, vampires, zombies and every sort of creature of every shape and size. The Incredible Hulk was there towering at over 8 feet and happily didn’t step on me as he made his way through the crowd.

Bands played and drinks flowed. People were packed in so close that you could tell what your neighbor had for breakfast and the lines to the bathrooms may as well as been to the moon for how long they sketched. But the main event was the appearance of the mythological Banshee, the creature whose cry always meant death in Irish Lore. The Banshee came from a venders table for Buffalo Nickel Productions who were showing some clips from the unfinished movie. The stills littering the table and the footage had gotten some interest from the drunken crowd but when makeup artists David Gray and Sean Flahive worked on actress Tammy Nowak, magic hit the air. 

The number of camera flashes couldn’t be counted as cell phones and digital cameras took pictures of the transformation. Air brush, latex and acting changed a beautiful woman into a winged beast. The crowd couldn’t get enough; people wanted their picture taken with her, and women even flirted with the Banshee. 

It was more than the flapping wings, or the backlighting or even the makeup, the moment was electric. If the movie has half the magic as this moment had, the filmmakers will have a hit on their hands.

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