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From the Nightshift: ‘Bitez’ and ‘The Pigman’

The Insomniac was invited to a movie premiere in Buffalo New York last Thursday Night and the thoughts of hot warm popcorn drew me there. A double feature was playing of “Bitez” and “The Pigman”.

The Pigman” had been premiered at Rotten Jack’s Creepshow 2, which should be on everyone’s go to list. Watch for Rotten Jack’s Creepshow 3 next September, I will probably be there not sleeping (and there would be no reason to sleep, with all the bands, vendors, horror movie actors and actresses, the list goes on).

Both movies had in common that they were made in association with Zombified Studios, which is a new special effect makeup house, which can do wonders on a shoe string.

In “The Pigman” there was a throat cutting that got “wooos” and “ahhhs” from the audiences (and a few “oh god that’s sick!”). In “Bitez” there were some nice gun shots to the heads of zombies with blood flowing everywhere, and some good basic zombie looks that you normally see in much more expensive movies. The audience loved both movies and talked back to the screen every chance they got. “Hitch-hiking in the middle of no way, she was asking for it.”

Buffalo being a border town to Canada enjoyed all the mentions of the rock band “Rush” in “Bitez” and hoped for an appearance from Geddy Lee and the Band as zombies but no go. Maybe “Rush” will appear in the sequel, crossing my fingers now.

There wasn’t a frowning face in the audience, they laughed, roared, yelled and all had a good time. The acting stand outs for the films were Jennifer Bihl who died very painfully and believably in “The Pigman” and Micah Rose who can adlib up a storm and has the best line in “Bitez” about a sleeping girl copping a feel from him. He also brings a level of physical ness to his role of a friend who has the zombie virus in his eyes and is slowly turning into one. Micah will be an actor to watch out for in the future.

For zombie fans there are many, many zombies in “Bitez” and the makeup is great. .One shout out I want to do is loving the opening and closing shots of “Bitez” which echo a stillness and each has violence hanging in the air waiting to happen; it was a well thought out way to open and close the movie.

Should you get a chance to see “Bitez” and “The Pigman” come around for the ride and squeal like a pig.

Afterwards there was even cake; it’s always good when it ends with cake

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