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Book Review: Pleidian Initiations of Light – Author Christine Day


Author Christine Day
Published by New Page Books
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Black /White – 192 pages
Price: $21.99

Pleiadian Initiations of Light: is one bizarre book.  Author Christine Day has experienced something unique and wants to share it. While the book clearly falls into new age, extraterrestrial and religion….. its all of those and none at the same time. My first impression was this was geared at a spiritual awakening, aka “the secret”: kind of read. Though as you read thru her notes and journeys alot of even that gets mixed about.

We learn of her jaded past, of her transformation and of her former illness all of which are viewed as contributing to where she is now and its journey. As she notes in one such journey up a mountain she runs into these beings which she calls “Pleiadians”.

These essentially are beings of light but alot of the times they are also a certain level of consciousness that one needs to achieve. Now most folks would read thru a few of these passages and state clearly that this woman is insane. I on the other hand don’t like to take the common denominator and prefer to hear the works and writing out to see if there is a ground of truth to her experienced confessions. Another thing that is clear is that Christine has spent alot of time with a range of influences from religious to cult to spiritual guides. Is it possible that she has transcended into a place that we only hear about in fiction or is it just the reworkings of a confused mind after a long period of time?

These are questions that started to perk my interest. I’ve heard and read alot of things. The truth is I believe we don’t have all the truths in spiritual, physical, secular, political and extraterrestrial. So we use written experiences to put the pieces together.

Further exploration of the book is a souls journey and training resource into abandoning our physical realm and creating a center of self realization, consciousness all based on energy. It would be hard to put it into simple terms in a review but the CD and chapters are designed to exercises of the mind that aid in achieving this oneness of self.

She talks about our “base”, the “apex”, the pyramid”, “spiral” and column of light. Each is a stage of energy and is achieved at higher plains. What is more startling is that this call from the Pleiadians was issued in 2009 in preparing us for activating new levels of energy to align with their plans for us. All of this is taken with a grain of salt as it is new age at the highest level. What Day believes, she lives. This, she says has healed her body and prevented fatal illness.

What we take away from this book may be a bit too involved or deep for most lines of thinking. Mainly because all the material is highly spiritual and metaphysical. There is alot of new terms and theories proposed that haven’t really existed in most spiritual circles. Then again it may have under a different name. The book offers transformation, love, physical and financial abundance for those who seek these steps into re-birth. Perhaps its a deeper interpretation of “the secret”…or maybe not. All I can say is that Day feels that by listening to the CD it will help to instill the training and psychological tools that you need.

Day has included not 1 but 2 CD’s to help one attain this level of awareness. I have nothing to lose checking them out, so its on my current list to engage into the provided works to see what transpires. Most folks will read into this that Day has discovered a place of love, light and hope. This is not far from the idea and practice of Christianity.

In fact, event hough the book is not a religious book per se….it still touches upon a love for Jesus and spiritual guidance. So between Jesus and aliens we are given the teachings or at least advice from one writers perspective. I say…lets give it listen and see what sticks. Day goes on to tell us 4 important facts. One, that we are not alone. (wasn’t that a close Encounters slogan?) Two, that we are all important aspects of the divine whole (much like Christianity preaches of excepting Jesus) Three, know that “your” light is essentially within this universe (the after life) and Four, we are all greatly loved and held within this light (Beatles said it best – “All we need is love”) This all is the center balance of what Day is bringing to the table.

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  1. Hello, It is good to read your review. I got the book because she was invited to a wonderful Virtual Light broadcast and sounded loving and genuine. I salute her for having had the courage to decide to heal herself. The notions are not new in the book, but that is in a way reassuring: that we are all one, loved and needed. The book seems to have been published before a much needed decent editing could correct the annoyingly numerous typos and even many grammatical issues. The drawings gave good clues but the CDs did not seem to take the user experience to any level. For now, for me, I can take what is intelligible from the book and do any meditation exercise without the CDs.
    Perhaps I was expecting too much from the Day CDs after listening to Kelly Howell’s audio book with her lovely voice, music and also to her Brain Power audio book.
    Best regards,


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