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New(ish) Leatherface Film?

News has come out that Adam Marcus ( Jason Goes To Hell) and Debra Sullivan have written a screenplay that follows the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre before it moves forward 35 years. This means that it will pick up exactly where the original left off and not a day later. This will be done in 3D (shocking I know) and is tentatively being called Leatherface 3D. Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures will be teaming up to on this movie  and are going to start the search for a director soon.

I am a little lost why this is being done as this is a franchise that has already been through so much. It’s been through numerous sequels, a “new generation”, and a remake. To now revisit the original and take up where it left off with none of the original actors seems like such an odd move. With that in mind though it’s still better than earlier rumors that Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures wanted the rights to this franchise so that Jigsaw and Leatherface could be under one roof and appear together in a film. What an awful idea that is since the two characters have nothing in common. One’s methodical and the other is an opportunistic brute. We will wait to learn more about this film though since there is still a lot to learn.

Source: www.horror-movies.ca

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