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Horror Fandom: Halloween Shenanigans

So yeah, here we are at the time of year where a bunch of people start turning their attention to all things macabre. Well, kind of anyway. Halloween can be fun, with uproarious parties, movie nights, dressing up and all that other good stuff that goes with it. Is is any different for the avid horror fan? A little. This is the time of year that stores are filled with things that ideally we’d like to see all year round. I mean, come on, what home doesn’t need a huge plastic gravestone?

Halloween for the horror fan can be a serious business indeed. The hardcore horror nut with a taste for dressing up as a zombie or a gore icon is going to want to do things right. there are tons of places both online and IRL to find cheap Halloween goods, but the best costumes tend to be hand made with some passion and a genuine eye for the twisted. For maximum impact, it’s a good idea to invest in some decent makeup, a decent costume and a couple of convincing props.

But a damn good Halloween doesn’t have to just be about dressing up. My own ideal Halloween party would be half party and half movie night, but your own may well be completely different. I like the idea of a bunch of friends getting dressed up, a few pranks, a couple of movies and a lot of laughs. And then?

That’s when the huge friend you paid to barge in, masked and armed, bursts in and chases you and your guests screaming around the house. Heh. I know how horror fans work. That would be awesome, especially if you could rig it for him to ‘kill’ you in front of them during the rampage. Just make sure that it IS a prank, though…

Think of it as Christmas for horror geeks and those with a taste for the macabre. Make a little effort and make it a night to remember.

While Halloween may well just be a big commercial rip-off, it’s also a fantastic excuse for you to get together with like-minded individuals (I mean in the sense of friends rather than a coven), have a few laughs at your own expense and gather some fun new anecdotes for future use. I can see it now… “I remember that Halloween when Bobby got that guy in the overalls to break into the house and chase us all with a massive chainsaw. We thought it was a great prank until we found Bobby hanging from the roof of the house by his entrails…”

Here’s to a memorable – and safe – Halloween. Happy horror, everyone!

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