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Interview: Barbara Crampton (Alone With You, King Knight)

Barbara Crampton is an icon in her field of acting, creating memorable characters, and producing. Barbara Crampton has starred in everything from Re-Animator, From Beyond, Trancers II, The Young and the Restless, The Lords of Salem, Death House, King Knight, Superhost, and Alone With You. Barbara Crampton spoke with Horrornews.net to talk about her new films.

Barbara Crampton- Hi Janel

Hi Barbara, how are you?

Barbara Crampton- I’m good, how are you?

I’m doing good. Thank you. It’s an honor to talk to you. I love your films.

Barbara Crampton- Thank you.

How did you get involved with Alone with You and King Knight?

Barbara Crampton- Well, both different scenarios. Alone With You came to me through a casting director that I know. He had read the script and they asked him to cast the film. He was working with these producers Andrew Corkin and Theo James. I read the script and I really liked it. I can usually figure out what’s happening in a horror film, you know, I’ve seen it all. But with this film, I was surprised. I didn’t really understand what was going on with this character Charlie, and strange things are happening in her apartment. She’s feeling scared and upset, everything is weird. The surprise comes at the end of the movie was shocking to me. I didn’t expect it. I thought it was well written and I respect Andrew Corkin. I liked the character of the Mom who was unforgiving and judgmental. It’s always fun to play people that you don’t feel like you’re like. I met the filmmakers through zoom because it was during the height of the pandemic. I thought this will be an interesting challenge. I was proud of what Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks put together. King Knight, I have known Ricky Bates Jr.’s work for a long time. I’ve been a fan of his since Excision and I got a call out of the blue from a friend that said, Ricky Bates is asking for your number, would you talk to him. So, he reached out to me directly and he said, I would like you to play Matthew Gray Gubler’s mother in this film that Matthew and I are putting together, can I send it to you? Because it was Ricky, I said, yes, I’ll do it. You don’t even have to send it to me, just tell me what my lines are. I didn’t even read it because I knew anything with Ricky was going to be great. I always wanted to work with him. It was interestingly enough both movies were coming out within a week of one another. I play two different mothers who are both overbearing, unforgiving, and judgmental. One is a light comedy and one is a chamber piece filled with terror and panic.

There is a scene in Alone With You where your character is talking to Charlie via video call. I was able to tell Justin and Emily this also. It was such a powerful, overwhelming scene. You play this loving mother and then there is such a turn. It was such a powerful scene.

Barbara Crampton- Yes, I think you don’t expect it. They wrote it in such a way where you think she’s going to have a good relationship with her mom, and there’s such a disconnect between them.

Yes, and the scenes in King Knight also.

Barbara Crampton- That movie’s about love, forgiveness and trying to be at peace with who you are as a person. Thorn, Matthew Gray Gubler’s character has to reckon with his own past to be able to move on to the future.

What are you working on next?

Barbara Crampton- I have a few projects that I’m developing. I had a wonderful time being a producer and working on a couple of movies in the past. I enjoy working with writers, directors, and producers. I have a movie that I’ve been developing for a long time with Dennis Paoli (Re-Animator) and it’s based on an H.P. Lovecraft story that we haven’t seen before. We have a director and some people that want to work with us, and hopefully we will be able to shoot that in the spring.

Do you think that you would ever write and direct a film?

Barbara Crampton- I don’t know if I would, I’ve thought about it. I feel like I’m more of a dabbler in a way.

I just always wondered because I think you would create something amazing. I loved Jakob’s Wife too, and the scene with you in the grocery store pushing the shopping cart. It’s a great film and beautifully shot.

Barbara Crampton- Thank you. I think everybody did a great job on that film. That took me a long time to put together. That was such a labor of love. I want to do something like that again.

What do you want to say to everyone that will be watching King Knight and Alone With You? Also, to the fans because you are an icon and you have inspired so many of us.

Barbara Crampton- Thank you. You know, it’s my pleasure and my delight. It’s my job to illuminate the truth of the human condition, figure out who people are and figure out why they do the things they do, to help filmmakers realize they’re dreams. If I feel like I can do that effectively and entertain an audience, and help them understand their own lives a little bit more, and feel good about their place in the world. I feel I’ve done a good job, and I hope to continue to do that for many years to come.

I thank you so much Barbara. It was so great talking to you. Thank you.

Barbara- Thank you, Janel.

BARBARA CRAMPTON IMDB https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0186225/?ref_=tt_cl_i_9

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