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Film Review: Slaxx (2020)

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A possessed pair of jeans is brought to life to punish the unscrupulous practices of a trendy clothing company. Shipped to the company’s flagship store Slaxx proceeds to wreak carnage on staff locked in overnight to set up the new collection. 


Directed by Elza Kephart and written by Elza Kephart and Patricia Gomez. I LOVE Shudder.

When we get dressed in our clothing, do we ever really think about where it was made or who made it? Everyone loves jeans. Some of us have a pair of jeans that we just love. Some people have a comfy pair of jeans that makes them happy. My mom told me a story of when she was growing up. She always has her favorite pair of jeans. I think we all sort of take for granted that we can just go shopping, or shop online. We don’t think about everything that goes into making something. It’s almost like making a movie.

You have a writer who writes a script, you need a director, a crew, financing, a place to film, you need special effects, make-up, music, and so much more. When clothing is made, you need a designer, a place to have the clothing made, the “ingredients” in which the clothes are made out of. There is a long process and we often just think, oh, great we can buy clothing. Slaxx is allowing the jeans to get revenge.

Canadian Cotton Clothes is the “it” store. Craig (Brett Donahue) hires Libby McClean (Romane Denis). He does this in his BEST customer service voice. I could listen to some people talk all day. I could listen to Morgan Freeman read anything. Those of us who have worked customer service, we do sometimes have a “customer service” voice. It may go up a notch or lower when someone is looking to be understanding. (I love how everyone has a legit customer service personality and how each person’s way of handling something is so different. I worked a few customer service jobs and, the characters are pretty spot-on.)

Craig has this customer service manager thing down pat. Craig sends Libby out to the floor. Nobody wants to take on the task of training the new hire. She goes from Shruti (Sehar Bhojani) to Hunter (Jessica B. Hill) to Lord (Kenny Wong).

We actually get a fashion montage in Slaxx. Libby has to update her style for the store. She also wants that new employee discount and the robot cashier kills her buzz. Aris Tyros does a great job with this role. Craig is giving himself the ultimate pep talk, using his laptop camera.

Libby goes to change and Craig is giving his team the ultimate pep-talk because the big boss is coming to visit his store.

Jemma (Hanneke Talbot) falls victim to these super shaper killer jeans. Jemma wants those jeans, no matter what the cost is.

They have positive quotes and all sorts of things to keep the employees busy and semi-happy.

Harold Landsgrove (Stephen Bogaert) shows up and he gives this uplifting speech. (I’m totally standing on my bed cheering.) Craig wants the regional manager job so badly. His “Monday Madness” performance will determine everything.

The team is excited because Peyton Jules (Erica Anderson) is coming to go live and review the store. I love that they refer to the sections of the store as “ecosystems.” Hunter and Jemma are missing so Craig decides that Libby needs to go locate them. Libby finds Jemma and Craig will not deviate from lockdown. The store has it set so no one can reveal the new collection.

Lockdown has been deactivated, and Peyton Jules has arrived. She wants the Super Shaper jeans. Peyton wants to go live and talk about the super shaper jeans. This goes so wrong, so fast. The jeans are on a rampage now. Apparently even clothing is questioning humanity. Shruti portrayed incredibly by Sehar Bhojani, she was definitely one of my favorite characters. This was a fun movie and I definitely recommend checking out Slaxx


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