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Scary Tales of Haunted Las Vegas

The fact about most of the tales of places that are haunted is that there are almost always scars that remain in the psych and spectrum remnants that linger for many generations after. The incident that incites the horror may be a chaos that sprung from the blues. It might be a very horrible auto accident or might even be a violent misunderstanding. But such things almost always happen. The reality is that once enough people inhabit a particular space, it doesn’t take much time before the story of a ghost happens, and with time, it will become stories of ghosts.

Las Vegas is the gambling mecca of the United States and in many ways, the entire world. Being the 28th most populated city in the country, there was always going to be some spooky goings on and ‘Sin City’ hasn’t let us down. Las Vegas brings millions of casino-goers together throughout the year. People in the UK, nowadays, will choose casinos listed on comparison sites like New Casinos UK. This can be a great way of finding a new online casino and if you’re all about scares and spooky goings on, you can play some of the scary slots you can find at most sites.

There aren’t many cities in the United States that can claim the type of seedy underbelly and glitzy drama that Las Vegas, Nevada is known for. When properly considered, the history of Las Vegas will reveal much more than just a city for shows and gambling. The city has had to contend with problems like atomic bomb testing, serial killers, mobsters, and their likes. The name sin city was not given to this place for nothing.

With all the glamour and glitz, Las Vegas still found a space for ghost stories. That tells you about the compelling nature of these stories and how complete Vegas is as a city. We may dismiss the stories as the result of people’s imaginations going very wild in a city of chaos tucked in the center of a desert. Whichever one we choose, the important thing is that there are ghost stories in Vegas. If you love superstition, you may have to get ready before you head to Vegas. You may have to be vigilant and observe the existence of paranormal forces.

The Flamingo May Still Be Involved In Mobster Activities

The genesis of the city is hugely linked to crime, according to history. There are chances that Las Vegas would have remained a very dusty backwater area in the Nevada desert if not for the mafia. One of the most powerful mobsters that existed during that period was so instrumental to the development of the city that his presence may still linger even up to 70 years after his death.

The man named Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was a very dangerous and charismatic mobster when he was alive. During prohibition, he made a name as a bootlegger, and later took to gambling, after which he moved to Las Vegas and funded some of the casinos there. He acquired a hotel from a developer that couldn’t keep up financially, and in 1946, the Flamingo Hotel was reopened for business. According to information from the Mob Museum, Siegel used proceeds of criminal enterprise to fund most of the development. Siegel was shot 6 months after he reopened the flamingo while relaxing in his girlfriend’s home in Beverly Hills, and he died from the gunshot. According to the Los Angeles magazine, they never found the killer. So, there are still a lot of questions surrounding his assassination.

But the question is whether the man that invested heavily in Las Vegas really left Vegas? According to Haunted Las Vegas, some visitors still report seeing Benjamin Siegel dressed in his garb of the 1940s in The Flamingo. While touring the city, a group of men once claimed that the man appeared and rode with them for some time, and later corrected the guide before vanishing.

Is Liberace Still In Las Vegas

It’s unforgettable the way Liberace the flamboyant pianist dazzled people even under the Las Vegas lights. Apart from his keyboard handling skills, his very charming appearance also endears him to people. While coming on stage, he loved to adorn bejeweled caps, with lots of rings on his hands and candelabra on his piano.

However, in the face of it all, Liberace thought he had a lot of secrets to protect, according to the Online Nevada Encyclopedia, including his sexuality. Even Las Vegas where he had routine shows all the time was not ripe to accommodate him if he dared come out. That lifelong suppression may have a very lasting and significant effect on one’s spirit.

Currently, and that’s many years after his passing, there are speculations that he stuck around. According to the Las Vegas Sun, there are reports of some unexplained presence and flickering lights in his mansion till date. Information from Las Vegas ghosts has it that some of the strongest stories about his ghost are tied to the Tivoli Gardens Restaurant that he owned and operated while alive. One of the employees had said that they saw the flash of a sequined cape beside the piano, while some others vow to have seen the silverware make some movements.

The Titanic Arrives To the Sin City

When you display some objects from one of the biggest and most significant tragedies that the oceans have ever witnessed in history, what won’t go wrong? When there was a display of some parts from the ship that sank in 1912 at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, it did not take long before ghosts of the Edwardian era started showing up, as seen by the visitors. According to a report from the Review Journal of Las Vegas, there is a claim by both employees and visitors that there is a very unsettling feeling about the “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit” project. According to one professional, he has heard ghostly music and was grabbed at one point after the exhibit has been closed.

In the exhibit, some pieces of the ship and some other objects that were picked from the wreck were showcased according to Las Vegas Ghosts. With time, the entire arrangement started looking like a horror movie set up. In the 25,000 square space for the exhibition, something that looked like the grand staircase of the titanic was also exhibited, and many people have reported seeing a mysterious woman completely clad in black in the staircase. The story has it that before anyone could get close, she always disappears.

In some of the places where the interior of the ship is replicated, you may even hear footsteps of disembodied beings. 108 new artifacts were added to the exhibit in 2020 according to the KTNV Las Vegas, and this makes one wonder if there will be more stories of spirits lingering around.

Luxor’s Haunted Artifacts Keep Scaring People

Many people believe that the Luxor Hotel and casino is among the most haunted places in the world due to its history of tragedies. In Las Vegas, the building is one of the most outstanding and therefore recognizable. It is a 30 storey pyramid that is clad in glass, and it harbors one of the brightest spotlights in the entire world – the Skybeam according to a leading UK paper. It was in 1993 that the casino and hotel was launched, and that was a period when Las Vegas was trying to create some resorts that are family friendly.

The rumor is that construction workers that died while it was being built are seen by some of the guests on the Nile riverboat ride. Also in 2012, there was an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease, making people believe that the location is under a curse.

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